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    MTF Incident Report #25 [3/16/19]

    // My mistake then. When I was on duty, it looked like you were complicit in having him sent specifically to cause problems with the foundation.
  2. CyanEve

    MTF Incident Report #25 [3/16/19]

    // Lore did this, by the way.
  3. CyanEve

    Community Meeting

    We'll have talk power
  4. CyanEve

    Huckabee's PKM

    Could I keep it in the Alpha Armory?
  5. CyanEve

    Huckabee's PKM

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:148322272 Character name: Vincent Huckabee Character’s Division/Job: MTF Alpha Squad What you want your character to have / know / experienced / done / etc. : To spawn with a PKM in his inventory Reason for it: He took a PKM from Phantom's body with @Martell and...
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    Glados should have his CPM by now, you could poke or talk to him on TS. Also I agree with this lack of censoring for pay. And also it shouldn't censor words like "bypass" or half of "document' if it is possible to make it as such.
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    Email To Head Marshal Grey

    // Who gave you access? If you're not a Level-4, you need someone to let you have access, which you should probably include.
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    Manager Corp's Auth

    watched this man stand in his office and not blink while CI didn't even check it and called it clear anyway. true non-american hero
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    Containment Cubes

    The only SCP I see this valid for is like...457 The rest have to be done with a /me. 457 has to go into the cube under fearRP.
  10. CyanEve

    RIP Foundation

  11. CyanEve

    I can’t find the server, wtf did I mess up?

    Going to move this to low priority/denied. This seems more like an external issue that can be solved with the server IP or recent, or adding concordia to your favorites.
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    Abdul Majid

    // At least he succeeds more than you
  13. CyanEve

    Abdul Majid

    GENERAL INFORMATION] [NAME]: Abdul Raheem al-Majid [DATE OF BIRTH]: 4/4/1984 [SEX]: Male [RACE]: Middle Eastern [NATIONALITY]: Turkish [PLACE OF BIRTH]: Ankara, Turkey [MARITAL STATUS]: Widowed [OCCUPATION]: Area-XYZ Patrol Sergeant [PREVIOUS OCCUPATION]: Security Officer, Turkish Armed...
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