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May 27, 2018 at 6:10 PM
Dec 30, 2016
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June 5
the deep end of a ball pit


Admin, Male, from the deep end of a ball pit

Admin SCPRP Staff

I can see it coming from a mile away May 25, 2018 at 10:24 PM

Keith was last seen:
May 27, 2018 at 6:10 PM
    1. W e l p
      W e l p
      Fuckin admins
      1. Keith likes this.
    2. Lila2424
      ADMIN BOI!
      1. Keith likes this.
    3. Keith
      I can see it coming from a mile away
    4. Atlas
      I see you motherfucker.
      1. Keith likes this.
    5. Keith
      im a mistake
      1. Mashed Potato likes this.
    6. Mashed Potato
    7. Mashed Potato
      Mashed Potato
      Sucking tiny kahoots since 1991 baby
      1. Keith likes this.
    8. Keith
      I can't even right now.
    9. Keith
      1. Zee
        I feel the same way.
        May 23, 2018 at 8:37 PM
    10. Zee
      And Nick-E is gone.
    11. Mendoza
      Called it, you're fucking black
    12. Ilyich
      Iljic died, when 1st Purge happend... There is no way getting him back.
    13. Wilson
      why you turn into an ebony man
    14. PotatoPower
    15. Keith
      god damn internet i swear to christ
    16. W e l p
      W e l p
      Gud shit
      1. Keith likes this.
    17. Schism_989
      Congratulations on getting Moderator! The Brainwashing procedure to praise Lord Xenu will commence shortly, please stand by
      1. Keith likes this.
    18. Ethan
      You know what they say about new moderators...
    19. windows
      Nice now you got mod
      1. Keith likes this.
    20. Rob Borealis
      Rob Borealis
      He destroyed the phone.
      1. Keith likes this.
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    June 5
    the deep end of a ball pit
    My Opinion/Shit List
    @Zee We're friends but he's retarded and keeps getting himself banned like the autistic manchild he is, and I like/hate him for it.
    @Zeener for being edgy by saying nigger constantly. It makes me cringe each time I hear someone that sounds young say shit like that, and even sometimes adults. He also tends to ruin shit.
    @Orphan but mainly in TS because he just hops into meetings making noises.
    @Mashed Potato Insulted me awhile ago and it actually triggered me :mad:
    @Obtuse Noose The edge just radiates off of this dude. stop being edgy holyfuck
    @VoidUprising In game he take some situations incredibly seriously to the point where he's either annoying or cringy.
    @Ethan Way smarter than me
    @Iljic >ok
    @Roozrokh The way you type deeply infuriates me.
    @DR EVIL He's the one and only person I've ignored on the forums because he comments the most useless and retarded shit. This guy truly annoys me.
    @Gravy big dumb
    @AlexPlayz Keeps making trap characters and lowkey erp'd with Green
    @Kowalski In game he is incredibly LAME
    @Jingle Dirty trap and made a terrible ChatRP
    @bisoy14 biggest weeb I've ever seen and that's a REALLY bad thing.
    @Gressman Abandoned the first SID Culture Night :mad:
    @PotatoPower Wants to fuck @Nighthawk or something and is mega gay. Nighthawk is also mega gay.
    @Aleksander Always roasts people in shitty ways.
    @Lawner Made me put cream on Inaki and if I rolled low enough he would've fucking demolished me.
    @McGriffin Constantly sings and memes with a bunch of different jobs. Your fake ass MRU triggered me deeply.
    @Johnston You scare me.
    @British A huge fucking cunt back when they played Kimiko, not as bad now. Also gender switched to female :thonk:
    @W e l p stop roasting me poorly you cunt
    @Severely Artistic Is a massive cuck on occasion and just yeeted out of the community or something.
    @Norman bringbackSDUorSAEyoufuckingchink
    @Rolyz is kind of a dick on occasion
    @netguy I don't see them actively but when I do they just roast people
    @Phoenix Self explanatory
    @Tom Jacobs
    @Kougrhuntr/ Michael Caboose Your name is long and you're in Medbranch but don't do SHIT ALL IN IT YOU FUCK
    @Corp He's too nice.
    @Keith Massive degenerate
    @Toaster do stuff in MTF ya cuck
    @Bogler Says he's the big nigga but I doubt it.
    @Rob Borealis wanted me to put him on my shit list so he's probably a masochist or some weird shit. Also lowkey wants to fuck Martell or something.
    @Martell We get it, you like hentai. The joke isn't as funny anymore, I wish people would fucking stop meming over it. Aside from that, tries to act tough but it's hard to take a cutie like that seriously.
    @Whiskey Was so shit at spelling that his character, colanel snowf, turned ICly illiterate and Sigma blocked his emails.
    @Baratheon messed with many profiles like a nerd. It was funny though, but changing my picture to two gay niggas kissing was the turning point for me to :mad:
    @Bookercatch Kinda roams the forums but nobody cares because he hasn't made a meme in awhile.
    @SON Likes hentai and won't stop saying he likes hentai in the medical chat
    @Dank Ranger A degenerate like I, also incredibly awkward single laughs.
    @ImTheFBI Retired from staff because he has a life, what a fag.
    @Commie I hate all of your characters because of how you act, you ERP'd as a D-Class (I'm pretty sure), and I just dislike your pfp a shit ton. Gross.
    @Burton Guster Who the heck 'mains' a dog?
    @predatornc I never heard you get angry or swear, and you're a nice person. Stop it you fuck.

    @Assassin Even he cringes at his own voice.
    @Lore The tit /it's and rape/ERP stuff was incredibly weird earlier on, and now I just don't see you around as often now that you stopped playing traps. Shrug


    Med LT Wick | FMO Hills | SSO Keith

    * FMO Diarmead uses his pistol to execute Hills while he's sleeping.