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May 27, 2018 at 6:10 PM
Dec 30, 2016
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June 5
the deep end of a ball pit


Admin, Male, from the deep end of a ball pit

Admin SCPRP Staff

I can see it coming from a mile away May 25, 2018 at 10:24 PM

Keith was last seen:
May 27, 2018 at 6:10 PM
    1. Ethan
      Really busy, talk to me in PM.
    2. W e l p
    3. Keith
      I'm about ready to destroy this phone I swear to god
    4. W e l p
      W e l p
      y u so angerrrrrr!!!!
    5. Lore
      y u a n g e r y?
    6. W e l p
      W e l p
      P l e a s e c h a n g e t h a t p f p i s h e l l a g a y
    7. Gressmann
      Big Nose looking Jew looking-ass, middle-aged looking-ass, needs a toupée and Viagra looking-ass.
      1. Keith likes this.
    8. W e l p
      W e l p
      Change the pfp or i will send 5 FMO traps to the CI base
    9. W e l p
      W e l p
      Change your profile picture to a dog or riot
      1. Keith likes this.
    10. Rob Borealis
      Rob Borealis
      I didn't know Tim Allen was in a TV show until just now.
      1. Keith likes this.
    11. Stealer
      is this the man from full house 2
      1. Keith likes this.
    12. Keith
      I'm pissed
    13. Ethan
      1. Keith likes this.
      2. Gains
        please stop
        May 15, 2018
        Keith likes this.
    14. Zee
      When i thought this was kelta
      1. Keith likes this.
    15. Zee
      Yall did green and doggo get ahold of you.
    16. Dank Ranger
    17. Baratheon
      change your avatar
    18. Rolyz
      "@Rolyz is kind of a dick on occasion"
      ok :(
      1. Keith likes this.
    19. Jingle
      your signature made me chuckle
      congrats on being blue. i've been deprived of internet for so long, missing you bb <3
      1. Keith likes this.
    20. Stupidfaggot
      Congrats on staff now go die in heaven
      1. Keith likes this.
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    June 5
    the deep end of a ball pit
    My Opinion/Shit List
    @Zee We're friends but he's retarded and keeps getting himself banned like the autistic manchild he is, and I like/hate him for it.
    @Zeener for being edgy by saying nigger constantly. It makes me cringe each time I hear someone that sounds young say shit like that, and even sometimes adults. He also tends to ruin shit.
    @Orphan but mainly in TS because he just hops into meetings making noises.
    @Mashed Potato Insulted me awhile ago and it actually triggered me :mad:
    @Obtuse Noose The edge just radiates off of this dude. stop being edgy holyfuck
    @VoidUprising In game he take some situations incredibly seriously to the point where he's either annoying or cringy.
    @Ethan Way smarter than me
    @Iljic >ok
    @Roozrokh The way you type deeply infuriates me.
    @DR EVIL He's the one and only person I've ignored on the forums because he comments the most useless and retarded shit. This guy truly annoys me.
    @Gravy big dumb
    @AlexPlayz Keeps making trap characters and lowkey erp'd with Green
    @Kowalski In game he is incredibly LAME
    @Jingle Dirty trap and made a terrible ChatRP
    @bisoy14 biggest weeb I've ever seen and that's a REALLY bad thing.
    @Gressman Abandoned the first SID Culture Night :mad:
    @PotatoPower Wants to fuck @Nighthawk or something and is mega gay. Nighthawk is also mega gay.
    @Aleksander Always roasts people in shitty ways.
    @Lawner Made me put cream on Inaki and if I rolled low enough he would've fucking demolished me.
    @McGriffin Constantly sings and memes with a bunch of different jobs. Your fake ass MRU triggered me deeply.
    @Johnston You scare me.
    @British A huge fucking cunt back when they played Kimiko, not as bad now. Also gender switched to female :thonk:
    @W e l p stop roasting me poorly you cunt
    @Severely Artistic Is a massive cuck on occasion and just yeeted out of the community or something.
    @Norman bringbackSDUorSAEyoufuckingchink
    @Rolyz is kind of a dick on occasion
    @netguy I don't see them actively but when I do they just roast people
    @Phoenix Self explanatory
    @Tom Jacobs
    @Kougrhuntr/ Michael Caboose Your name is long and you're in Medbranch but don't do SHIT ALL IN IT YOU FUCK
    @Corp He's too nice.
    @Keith Massive degenerate
    @Toaster do stuff in MTF ya cuck
    @Bogler Says he's the big nigga but I doubt it.
    @Rob Borealis wanted me to put him on my shit list so he's probably a masochist or some weird shit. Also lowkey wants to fuck Martell or something.
    @Martell We get it, you like hentai. The joke isn't as funny anymore, I wish people would fucking stop meming over it. Aside from that, tries to act tough but it's hard to take a cutie like that seriously.
    @Whiskey Was so shit at spelling that his character, colanel snowf, turned ICly illiterate and Sigma blocked his emails.
    @Baratheon messed with many profiles like a nerd. It was funny though, but changing my picture to two gay niggas kissing was the turning point for me to :mad:
    @Bookercatch Kinda roams the forums but nobody cares because he hasn't made a meme in awhile.
    @SON Likes hentai and won't stop saying he likes hentai in the medical chat
    @Dank Ranger A degenerate like I, also incredibly awkward single laughs.
    @ImTheFBI Retired from staff because he has a life, what a fag.
    @Commie I hate all of your characters because of how you act, you ERP'd as a D-Class (I'm pretty sure), and I just dislike your pfp a shit ton. Gross.
    @Burton Guster Who the heck 'mains' a dog?
    @predatornc I never heard you get angry or swear, and you're a nice person. Stop it you fuck.

    @Assassin Even he cringes at his own voice.
    @Lore The tit /it's and rape/ERP stuff was incredibly weird earlier on, and now I just don't see you around as often now that you stopped playing traps. Shrug


    Med LT Wick | FMO Hills | SSO Keith

    * FMO Diarmead uses his pistol to execute Hills while he's sleeping.