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Recent content by Keith

  1. Keith

    Minecraft Server... again

    I want in, name is genericbaby dont ask
  2. Keith


  3. Keith

    Where Should Ross Go?

    you were a bad son
  4. Keith

    Where Should Ross Go?

    still a disappointment even in the afterlife
  5. Keith

    The New and Improved Judgement Pavilion

    "I already said you didn't do much. That's all I have to say on the matter."
  6. Keith

    The New and Improved Judgement Pavilion

    "I can tell you that he wasn't a bad kid and was generally kind to others, helping one demigod who was stuck under a tree, but outside of that he practiced his dancing, singing, and his impression of Michael Jackson alone in the music room most of the time while at half blood. He wasn't claimed...
  7. Keith

    The New and Improved Judgement Pavilion

    "Okay, what do you need to know?"
  8. Keith

    The New and Improved Judgement Pavilion

    "Sorry for being late. What am I needed for?"
  9. Keith

    'Macy' Dimick (CUB)

    // Updated, the witch returns i basically made it less of an eyesore
  10. Keith

    Octavius' Mission

    "Nevermind, apologies Lord Hades, thank you for uh, the opportunity." *She shuts her mouth.*
  11. Keith

    Octavius' Mission

    "And I'm glad to get out of camp, no offense, but out of the blue you just... I'm sorry, but this is just really sudden and you're calling me a soldier. What am I even doing?"
  12. Keith

    Octavius' Mission

    "Excuse me? What's going on? You can't just.. snatch me then call me a soldier, what is any of this?"
  13. Keith

    Octavius' Mission

    *Macy looks around, obviously confused from being teleported out of her cabin into the infirmary then immediately somewhere else.* "What the? Where am I?"
  14. Keith

    What ever happened with this suggestion? (Sniper Raids)

    I'll say it again, the accepted reason was that Marksmen shouldn't be entering the facility because they have no reason to, this isn't about them just having/using M82's indoors. Yes, it was created because it was easily spammable, but accepted for a different reason. I'm just wondering what...
  15. Keith

    Medical Roster

    Recently trained an Officer to FMO, their name is Johnathan Res. He's not assigned or anything, nor does he need to be added, but simply keep a close eye on them as they have potential. Fix any of their errors, make sure they're reaching out to do shit, stuff like that. This goes for anyone...