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Recent content by Orphan

  1. Orphan

    William Bemis goes to the bank.

    He looks.
  2. Orphan

    Thanks brothas.

    Thanks brothas.
  3. Orphan

    Harper's Second Staff Application

  4. Orphan

    My Art

    Would have looked better with the wolf removed. It totally changes the tone and it’s confusing to look at some weird wolf with different colors contrasting the serious CI background. Colors are funky and wolf looks empty even with color.
  5. Orphan

    Project Menagerie Proposal

    Why don’t we just put a lizard in 914 before we do this? See what happens. - Dr. Shablomowitz.
  6. Orphan

    SCP-2300 User Manual

    Sayonara 372.
  7. Orphan

    Epsilon-6 ChatRP 3: "Third Time's the Charm"

    // >Landuke - "Church doors auto-lock"
  8. Orphan

    Strawberry Fields

    Dionysus teleports.
  9. Orphan

    Strawberry Fields

    "I dunno. He didn't even let me go to my son's wedding. I already sent a huge message to the Olympians asking for help." He scratches his head.
  10. Orphan

    Strawberry Fields

    "I have no idea what to do. I can't teleport to her right now." He teleports his weapon to his chair and goes to sit, hands in his head as he tries to think of something to do.
  11. Orphan

    Strawberry Fields

    "What did he say?"
  12. Orphan

    Strawberry Fields

    "What the ****." Dionysus conveys with the gods, sending a message. "Go tell Enyalius and the others. I can't teleport to her right now."
  13. Orphan

    Strawberry Fields

    He spits out his drink. "In the Labyrinth? What happened?"
  14. Orphan

    Into the Labyrinth...Again!( Success. :( )

    // ez clap moment when.
  15. Orphan

    Into the Labyrinth...Again!( Success. :( )

    // bruh moment be like.