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    The end of Delta 42.

    Can't stop the nose. Mere mortals have tried studying it for years, they end up going insane after a bit.
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    RHO - 24 Rules

    The Rules of the MTF. You are no good to me dead. // Dont be alone on the server and afk, you are asking to be killed. You will act like a professional at all times. // No flaming in ooc or ts at all about anything. No one cares about you dying to someone or something that was unfair or...
  3. Roozrokh

    Tank Roster

    ACTIVE RHO-24 TANK CREW MTF CLEARANCE REQUIRED The M1A2 tanks assigned to Rho - 24 are to have crew designated to them. They will have a driver, a commander, and a gunner. Alpha squad members will typically be assigned to a tank. The crew decides the tank names...
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    SCP Encounters on the Surface

    In the event that these SCPs have somehow managed to escape the facility, these are the recontainment following as to how to recontain them on the surface. SCP-019 In the event that SCP-019s somehow managed to end up the surface, they are to be terminated and their bodies are to be taken into...
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    RULES OF ENGAGEMENT ALL MTF MUST FOLLOW THESE OR RISK DEMOTION The Self Defense Rule - You may fire upon anyone who attacks you. If you take fire near your position, warn the CI over public radio first. If they do not heed your warning, you may return fire. The Blue on Blue Rule - Never...
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    How to join the MTF

    MTF Suggestions for Recruitment/Things to Keep in Mind 1. Activity. Obviously, to be considered, you must be active in security roles within the Foundation. The two groups we keep close tabs on are SID and SOC. (// If you have other responsibilities in-game, that would heavily restrict your...
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    MTF ACTIVE ROSTER Current MTF: 7 _________________________________ ========================= RHO-24 Personnel MTF Commander Garviel|1 // @Roozrokh MTF Alpha Grufford|2 //@McGriffin MTF Alpha Gonzales|3 //@Kelta MTF Nix|4 //@Harkon MTF Alberts|5 //@Lanson MTF Gore|6 //@Corp MTF Monroe|7...
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    You are all to say your goodbyes to facility personnel now then report back to your FOB. Delta-42 is now officially dissolved, this does not include the mobilization force nearby. You will all be stripped of your ranks and will be subjected to mandatory MTF retraining, this includes basic...
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    Desert 8

    // dead from @Whiskey autism
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    Micheal Dundersmiths Nose Auth

    First and final warning. You make something super aids i will comm ban you
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    Manager Corp's Auth

    uhh were you ever captured by ci?
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    MTF ChatRP 15 "And now the MTF are in Fury Road.."

    // glados that is stupid
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    New gensec uniforms

  14. Roozrokh

    Project Menagerie Proposal

    // canon raid from ci? Oh boy... There has not been on in a while (a traditional one)
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