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Adding more RP Ranks (example included)

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Fadedgogeta, Dec 24, 2018.

  1. Fadedgogeta

    Fadedgogeta God Tier Member

    I feel as though there should be more RP Ranks on the server. RP ranks are the ones like PVT, CPL, SGT, etc.

    I went ahead and played on some MilitaryRP and StarwarsRP servers in order to get a feel for how Ranks flow with the roleplay, and from what I’ve seen Concordia can definitely benefit from them. They give a better sense of progression and can easily be customized with special permissions. In a way they can allow some jobs to become more special since there are now more obstacles present in order to reach them. Plus it can give Sergeants, Lieutenants, and other people who may be non-staff more power since they don’t need a admin to promote someone to a RP Rank (since it’s literally a name change).

    I created a full ranking list for all combat jobs on the server. This is not the definitive ranking list or anything like that. The list is only a basis for what could be and to spark debate on the subject. Tell me what you guys think.

    General Security Ranks:

    (They will follow the Army ranking system in order to remain consistent with the existing jobs. There will be a slight variation in order to add more ranks.)

    Security Officer Ranks:

    PV2, PFC

    (There is not much for Officers, they aren’t meant to say in that job long term).

    SSO Ranks:

    Junior SPC (Specialist), CPL, Senior CPL

    (SSOs will instead start as a Junior Officer. Senior CPLs may have limited armory permissions and, obviously, be placed on the sergeant watchlist).

    Sergeant Ranks:


    (I stopped at Master Sergeant because there shouldn’t be more ranks for Sergeant than every other job. MSGs can be like the major leads of CI where they look over the Sergeants and those under. They are the ones who are next in line for LT).

    Lieutenant Ranks:

    2nd LT, 1st LT

    (Their ranks are shorter in numbers. This is to distinguish who is next in line for Captain

    Captain Ranks:


    Security Chief Ranks:

    Stays the same.

    ASG Ranks:


    (The ASGs don’t need Ranks when all they do is defend Level 4s).

    SCP Incidents Division:

    (They follow a different rank system than real life ones)

    SID Recruit Ranks:

    Doesn’t change.

    (They should be trained to Containment Specialist in the following days).

    SID CS Ranks:

    Basic Containment Specalist, Advanced Containment Expert

    (Basic CS distinguishes the knowledge of a newly promoted SID Containment Specialist. Once they gain more experience in the field they will be eligible to be promoted to Advanced CE. They are more trusted, have more knowledge, and more eligible to receive BCU training).

    SID BCU Specialist Ranks:

    BCU Specialist (Same), CBRN Expert.

    (CBRN Experts are BCUs that have proved themselves to be capable in biohazardous events and SCP-035/019 breaches. They may receive training to get better roll bonuses for dealing with biohazards. They are next in line to become a SID Heavy).

    SID Heavy Ranks:

    CBRN, Advanced Weapons Specalist

    (AWS Heavies are ones that are allowed to carry heavier and more special weapons. Next in line to be Supervisor).

    SID Supervisor Ranks:

    Same as Sergeant

    (This means that Supervisors will immediately become a SGT in rank. Later ranks such as MSGT could be removed).

    SID LT & CPT Ranks:

    Same as Gensec.

    Military Provost Ranks:

    (I went with a mix of a U.S. Police Department ranking system and a County Sheriff’s Office ranking system for MPs)

    Military Provost Ranks:

    Deputy, Detective, CPL, SGT

    (MPs who reach SGT are considered the best and are, obviously, next in line for Marshal. MPs are getting more ranks due to the fact that there are only 3 jobs available in the branch.

    Provost Marshal Ranks:

    LT, Chief Deputy

    Head Marshal Ranks:

    Either CPT or Sheriff.

    Medical Branch will have the same ranks as Gensec.

    (Having different medical specialities as ranks seems not possible with the current setup).

    MTF will not change.

    (They are closely knit together, small, and shouldn’t be troubled with ranks).

    Chaos Insurgency:

    (I went with the Marines ranking system for CI)

    CI Grunt Ranks:

    PV1, PFC

    (PFC indicates they are ready for training for Operative)

    CI Operative Ranks:

    Lance Corporal (LCPL), CPL, SGT, Gunnery SGT (GySGT).

    All other Operative-level Jobs, besides Heavy, will revive the same ranks as Operative.

    CI Heavy Ranks:

    Master SGT (MSGT), 1stSGT

    (Heavies get two more ranks due to the fact that they are usually the ones chosen for Major).

    CI Major Ranks:

    Sergeant Major (SgtMaj, MAJ, LtCol

    CI Colonel Ranks:

    Colonel (Col)

    CI Commander Ranks:

  2. CyanEve

    CyanEve Super Admin Super Admin DVL ULTRA MEGA USER SCPRP Staff Recruitment Team

    I'm not really a fan of adding ranks to security, so I'd say this isn't going to happen while I'm Chief, unless Martell or Rooz goes above me and accepts it.

    CI on the other hand, I can't control, so...

    Personally I think the ranks on the server just work the way they are, so eh.
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  3. Zee

    Zee 'Welcome to the Community' Guy Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    No thanks.
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  4. Domo

    Domo Ultra Tier Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    The ranks on the server are fine as they are
  5. Pillhook

    Pillhook Sector Admin Staff Member Sector Admin SCPRP Staff Recruitment Team

    We're security not the army.
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  6. Harris Press

    Harris Press 5'4" Trusted Admin Trusted Admin ULTRA MEGA USER SCPRP Staff

    I like the Idea of having more things to work towards but I don't think this is what those things should be.
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  7. JAMI3-AX0R0

    JAMI3-AX0R0 Expert Tier Member

    I don't mind more ranks I think that may be good in some cases but I don't think adding military ranks is very immersive and it just wont feel right, since ranks like PVT to something like PFC is just a low promotion that wont really do anything. I used to play a shit ton of military RP and ranks on those servers worked well because there were multiple army regiments. It doesn't really work on SCP-RP however if this gets accepted I'd suggest a rank is put between SO and SSO and SSO and Sergeant (like corporal which was in the spoiler could work). I can only see this working for CI/MTF though, but you don't really want to flag up to MTF and call yourself 'MTF Private (name)' or 'MTF PFC (name)' or 'Marksman Sergeant (name)' (though that CI one I don't mind too bad since if there's a major but someone else wants major they can be put into something in between). But it is not a bad suggestion and I think some of those ranks could be implemented by the DVL so Neutral.
  8. Keith

    Keith God Tier Retired Staff

    I could maybe see CI but not Foundation.
  9. Nebuobbles

    Nebuobbles Expert Tier Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    If anything is to be added to foundation is gensec Heavy :mad:

    but yeah nah there is already enough ranks, adding more is useless
  10. McIntyre

    McIntyre Admin Admin ULTRA MEGA USER SCPRP Staff

    Maybe more provost jobs but we don’t need the whole army gimmick.
  11. Nighthawk

    Nighthawk Well-Known Member

    It isn't a bad idea but military ranks just doesn't kinda fit. Ranks could be easily abused and if this was ever added, mingy officers could easily abuse it by randomly changing their ranks and it would be a hassle for staff or people to deal with. For the other part, i feel CI can probably have this but definitely not Foundation.

    What we need right now in the server is more joinable Foundation divisions. SID, GenSec and Provost is just... not enough in my opinion.
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  12. Fadedgogeta

    Fadedgogeta God Tier Member

    Definitely the consensus is that usage of the real-world military ranks and ranks in general is not needed. For some it may be good for CI.

    The other thing is that people like @Nighthawk, @Miracle McIntyre, and @Joyous Press do agree that there needs to be more jobs to work towards.

    Good talk gentlemen.
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  13. The Gondola

    The Gondola Forum Badmin Retired Staff Forum Mod

    It's always been too much for you animals, I regret my decision to make multiple branches.
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  14. Nighthawk

    Nighthawk Well-Known Member

    not saying we need more branches, but i was specifically talking about specialized sub-divisions for each of these branches
  15. The Gondola

    The Gondola Forum Badmin Retired Staff Forum Mod

    No, disgusting.
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  16. Doc Biggums

    Doc Biggums Well-Known Member

    I doubt this will work and isn't needed due to us being Security and not an army as Pillhook stated.

    Also, if this was accepted, everyone with their current whitelists, where the fuck would they be placed?
  17. DR EVIL

    DR EVIL Epic Tier Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    JuSt BrInG bAcK tAcTiCaL rEsPoNsE UnIt
  18. Doc Biggums

    Doc Biggums Well-Known Member

    nAh aB0uT tHaT sEcUrITy dEFesNse uNit
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  19. JAMI3-AX0R0

    JAMI3-AX0R0 Expert Tier Member

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  20. Zee

    Zee 'Welcome to the Community' Guy Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    CI war unit when.