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ASG Sanders Medical Auth


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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:64594578

Character name: Ricky Sanders

Character’s Division/Job: Administrative Security Guard

What you want your character to have / know / experienced / done / etc. : ASG Sanders will gain a +15 MedRP roll bonus when treating people, will have medical knowledge on how to treat basic wounds, and will be able to use a suture kit (whatever the medical skill requirement is). He won't be able to treat more major wounds, however.

Reason for it: ASG Sanders knows that sooner or later, a level 4 he's protecting will be harmed in some way. He was medically trained by Medical Lieutenant Klienlant (@Anglican) to help alleviate this issue and help Level 4s or other SOC when there aren't any FMOs available to treat them.

How it will affect your character: He will be able to do basic medical stabilization and will be capable of removing bullets and suturing lighter wounds, however more intense surgery (e.g. internal bleeding) will require medical personnel.

Harris Press

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If we are going to give all ASGs med knowledge then why not just make a suggestion to give ASGs med skill in game?


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I don't want to open the flood gates.

Is he active as asg?

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