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Changelog 4-12-18

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Xyz, Apr 12, 2018.

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  1. Xyz

    Xyz Head Developer Head Developer Board of Directors

    IRUC has been made unplayable because Operation Idiots.
    Added code changing to actions menu.
    Added coffee maker and coffee cup.
    Accessories transfer to corpses and scale with player models.
    Amount to drink can be specified when drinking liquid.
    Gasmask now has an overlay.
    Changed various classes to no longer have a gasmask on their model.
    Items in the world have a context menu option to prevent their despawning for admin usage.
    Added more auth fields for admins in the character editor: Model, items (functions as regenerative containers do), and custom spawn position setting.
    Only supers+ should be able to apply characters auths now.
    Antibiotics have been renamed to Chloroquine and is now similar to Hydrocodone. It also works somewhat differently and has an overdose threshold.
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  2. Zee

    Zee Is dumb boi. Do not listen to. Member

    Rip iruc
  3. DR EVIL

    DR EVIL Trump Tier User Member

    Good shit
  4. JosephD53

    JosephD53 User Member

    Hell yeah
  5. Keith

    Keith Expert User Member

    Thanks Xyz!
  6. JosephD53

    JosephD53 User Member

    You should make it so that SID spawn with gas masks
  7. Atlas

    Atlas DVL DVL Member

    Ha! So many dead researchers, avenged.
  8. ☭Comrade☭

    ☭Comrade☭ Active User Member

    Sad about IRUC but this is very good work!
  9. Soles

    Soles Active User Member

    Research Branch is next.
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  10. Zee

    Zee Is dumb boi. Do not listen to. Member

    Why didn’t they just show the laser gun lol
  11. Invisible

    Invisible Well-Known User Member

    Because SOMEONE forgot when the convention was being held.
  12. Lore

    Lore Expert User Member

    We didn't secure a ride there
  13. Zee

    Zee Is dumb boi. Do not listen to. Member

    Why didn’t any of you tell a gamma to contact sigma or at least try to make a log, in CI logs to ask sigma for a ride
  14. Micro

    Micro Banned Banned

    because ci is literally full of retards
  15. Lore

    Lore Expert User Member

  16. Baratheon

    Baratheon God Tier User Member

    Computers when
  17. Zee

    Zee Is dumb boi. Do not listen to. Member

    Hell, just ask mtf for a ride.
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