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Class-D+ Height Authorization

Discussion in 'Denied' started by mikekenov24, Aug 10, 2018.

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  1. mikekenov24

    mikekenov24 Forum Rookie Member

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:445014372

    Character name:
    Michael Evans

    Character’s Division/Job: Class-D+

    What you want your character to have / know / experienced / done / etc. : I want my character to have a height of 4'7.

    Reason for it: Michael Evans was born into a very, very poor family, and due to this he would only eat every other day, and even then he'd be fighting for scraps of food. Due to this, he would constantly be starving, and would not have a lot of energy. Due to his malnutrition, most of his energy was spent on getting through the day, and almost none on his growth. By the time he was seventeen and had a stable job to feed himself with, all of his natural growth was over, and he was stuck at a height of 4'7.

    How it will affect your character: My character will have a height of 4'7, and will have -10 in CombatRP.
  2. Lore

    Lore Kek Tier DVL Member

  3. mikekenov24

    mikekenov24 Forum Rookie Member

    I just took a stroll through the "denied" sub forum and realized this is going to get denied
  4. Roozrokh

    Roozrokh Head Admin Staff Member Head Administrator SCPRP Staff Recruitment Team

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