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D - Class + Application

Discussion in 'Foundation Staff Applications' started by Alan ze Sp00ky, Nov 23, 2016.

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  1. Alan ze Sp00ky

    Alan ze Sp00ky Furry Prince Retired Staff

    [OOC Section]

    1.1)Steam ID:

    1.2)Steam Name:

    1.3)Time with the community:

    1.4)Have you ever been demoted from D+ before? If so, why?

    [IC Section (Very important, think this through]

    2.1)In-game Name:

    2.3)Character's Description:

    2.4)Character's Backstory: (150 Words)

    [Question Section]

    3.1)Why are you here?:

    3.2)Do you know what you are doing here?:

    3.3)A man in a white labcoat calls your number. What do you do?:

    3.4)You see a giant reptilian creature running down the hall. How do you react?:

    3.5)In the middle of testing you hear gunfire, and an explosion. What do you do?:
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.