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D -Class + Auth

Discussion in 'Denied' started by Frozzen_Dragon, May 14, 2018.

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  1. Frozzen_Dragon

    Frozzen_Dragon Forum Rookie

    Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:161531875

    Character name: Frank Foundson

    Character’s Division/Job: D-Class+

    What you want your character to have / know / experienced / done / etc. : 7'3' tall model, gigantism

    Reason for it: frank had a mostly normal childhood with normal parents and normal friends and had a good life the only bad thing is he was a bit weaker than everyone else. his family was middle class and he was doing good in school, but around high school he seemed to not hit puberty falling behind others until his gigantism kicked in making him sprout and begin to lose his vision near the edges his physical strength not changing, which he did test by starting and losing a fight

    How it will affect your character:
    (if possible) vision near edges would be worse or gone
    would be 7'3" tall
    weaker punch
  2. Crook

    Crook Active

    Pretty sure height of 7 foot +is a no
  3. Miller

    Miller Well-Known Member

    -Support I do not see why having a normal childhood and hitting puberty late would make you 7"3 and somebody that tall would probably be stronger if anything, seeing they need more muscle mass just to be able to move. And you can just RP like you cant see around the edges.
  4. Frozzen_Dragon

    Frozzen_Dragon Forum Rookie

    gigantism is a disease makes you weaker, lose vision, all sorts of bad
  5. Miller

    Miller Well-Known Member

    Well, RP you cant see around the edges, change the he tested by starting and losing a fight, he could've just gone to the gym to test it out and look at what normal kids his age could do, them maybe I'll change my -Support
  6. Frozzen_Dragon

    Frozzen_Dragon Forum Rookie

    in highschool teens are stupid and if he got big he woul think 'oh shit i can beat up people now' and try adn be tough
  7. Miller

    Miller Well-Known Member

    How are teens in high school stupid? They've already gone through at least eight years of school. I'd say around 1-5% of High schoolers are really that stupid
  8. Frozzen_Dragon

    Frozzen_Dragon Forum Rookie

    i would know, in high school and everyone just tries to be the toughest on the block
  9. Spookdows

    Spookdows Ultra Tier Member

    Fucking 7’3? I dont even think you can fit through doors and you for sure cant fir through vents
  10. Frozzen_Dragon

    Frozzen_Dragon Forum Rookie

    who said he needed to?
  11. Frozzen_Dragon

    Frozzen_Dragon Forum Rookie

    that would be a disadvantage to being that huge
  12. Spookdows

    Spookdows Ultra Tier Member

    You have to get through the fucking door
  13. Frozzen_Dragon

    Frozzen_Dragon Forum Rookie

    meant the vent, and doors he could i dont know, duck
  14. Bob Frankling

    Bob Frankling Active

    096 is way bigger than 7'3 and he can fit through doors
  15. Frozzen_Dragon

    Frozzen_Dragon Forum Rookie

    thank you bob
  16. Headless Scapegoat

    Headless Scapegoat Giant nose monster Staff Member Head Administrator SCPRP Staff Recruitment Team

    that is not good enough reason to be a fucking monster in terms of height.

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