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E-Mail to All Researchers

Discussion in 'Computer logs F' started by Calvin, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Calvin

    Calvin Well-Known Member

    To: <foundation@group.research>
    From: <foundation@res-supervisor.jonson>
    CC: N/A
    Subject: Project Voodoo Assignments

    Hello Researchers,

    Project Voodoo has been progressing at a rather slow rate, so I will begin to assign some tests to conduct in line with Project Voodoo. To properly conclude Project Voodoo, there are several tests that I'd like completed whenever you can. I'm willing to assist on any test you'd like me to assist with, including conducting and logging tests. I encourage you to grab a fellow Researcher to come along with you on these tests. I'm doing my best to align these projects with your current doctrine, however many of you have not selected a doctrine yet and there are a few doctrines that are lacking in members. Therefore, many of you will have to perform outside of your chosen field. If this becomes a problem, please respond as to why it is and I can find you and new assignment. This test will count towards your weekly quota, as well, so be sure to hop on them soon.

    Neuroscience Tests
    1036-1 Personality Analysis - Dr.Kellser
    1036-5 Personality Analysis - Dr.Wellings
    1036-6 Personality Analysis - Dr.Collier
    1036-7 Personality Analysis - Dr. Lynch

    1036-1 Behavioral Analysis - Dr.Uduakobong
    1036-5 Behavioral Analysis - Dr.Muller
    1036-6 Behavioral Analysis - Dr.Uduakobong
    1036-7 Behavioral Analysis - Dr.Famal

    Biochemistry Tests
    1036-1 Physical/Chemical Composition - Dr.Barnett
    1036-5 Physical/Chemical Composition - Dr.Georgiano
    1036-6 Physical/Chemical Composition - Dr.Cross
    1036-7 Physical/Chemical Composition - Dr.Champagne


    Mechanical Tests
    1036-1 Containment/Recontainment Improvements - Dr.Uso
    1036-5 Containment/Recontainment Improvements
    1036-6 Containment/Recontainment Improvements
    1036-7 Containment/Recontainment Improvements

    As for the optional tests, these are open to Researchers who are not very active and want to make a name for themselves in the division. If you want to conduct one of these tests, claim it by responding to this email.

    Last edited: Dec 5, 2018
  2. Jacob Winters

    Jacob Winters Forum Rookie

    I will take upon myself the challenge of containment improvements for SCP-1036-1.

    -Doctor Thomas Uso
  3. Calvin

    Calvin Well-Known Member

    That's good to hear, Doctor. Do us well and it'll put you in a good standing.

  4. Jingle Bells

    Jingle Bells God Tier Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    With respect, I'm already performing Project Voodoo tests, but at scheduled times. So, I am requesting that I have the ability to deny your assignment and let me continue to work with the masks, in their entirety.
    - Dr. Uduakobong
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  5. Tanku

    Tanku Developer Developer Retired Staff DVL

    // who?
  6. Jolly M3dusa

    Jolly M3dusa Active Member

    I wish to be a researcher who is doing multi-purpose tests, not be restricted to one type. Although I do respect you for taking charge of this, I will focus more on multi-purpose tests, no dis-respect intended.

  7. SparkZero

    SparkZero Forum Rookie

    I’ve already reached my quota for performing tests but I’ll happily perform this test for you doctor.
    -Dr. Lynch
  8. Defron

    Defron Expert Tier Member

    I've already spoken with 1036-07 and can I conclude that shes the most friendly one out of the bunch, Her behaviour is much like that of a good Samaritan

    You would need a psychologist if you want more information than that.

    Also I prefer not having to deal with 1036 instances as they are extremely difficult to understand due to their accent.

    - Dr. Famal
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2018
  9. SparkZero

    SparkZero Forum Rookie

    Spoken to yes, but not thoroughly examined. I imagine that is why 1036-7 is meant to have both a personality and behavioural analysis undertaken. I will take your conversation into account when I test her though Dr Famal, unless Dr Jonson finds your chat sufficient enough.

    - Dr. Lynch
  10. Defron

    Defron Expert Tier Member

    Maybe this will help you out a bit too. Referral

    Remember to get that translator.

    - Famal
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  11. Saint Biggums

    Saint Biggums Well-Known Member

    // I'm ok with this. Seems somewhat simple.
  12. Calvin

    Calvin Well-Known Member

    Let me clear up what I think is some confusion. This isn't asking you to conduct one test that is solely about your topic. I just want this topic covered in at least one of your tests. You can still conduct whatever tests you want and this isn't a timed test, it's purely just a topic I need covered in order to conclude Project Voodoo. If you'd like to be cut from the Project, I can do that as well.

    This also works. If you've already conducted a test that covers your topic, there's no point in repeating it. Thank you, Dr.Famal, I'll go ahead and cross your name and assignment from the list. Thank you for your contribution to the Foundation and it's work to make a better world for everybody.

    If there are any other questions or if you wish to not participate in this, tell me below. I'll have to find a replacement for your assignment and cut you from the project.

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  13. Magic man

    Magic man Active Member

    I shall work on some new ways to help contain 1036-5 as this seems t be the problem child out of these masks.
  14. Magic man

    Magic man Active Member

    i could have a look into it if needed not my main specialty but i have some experience in this.