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Engineering Roster

Discussion in 'Engineering Division' started by The Sniper, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. Augustine Eckhart

    Augustine Eckhart Active User Member

    // o how shit nigga
  2. Jingle

    Jingle Well-Known User Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    // can i get his spot
  3. Bob Frankling

    Bob Frankling Registered

    // engineering isn't all that fun, really. I'd prefer to go into research/SID instead.
  4. Augustine Eckhart

    Augustine Eckhart Active User Member

    // Understandable
  5. Mr.M

    Mr.M User Member

    // Damn Boys, ive been gone for a long ass time, Hows engineering doing?
  6. The Sniper

    The Sniper Registered

  7. ☭Comrade☭

    ☭Comrade☭ Active User Member

    // Remove Oktoberblut
  8. ☭Comrade☭

    ☭Comrade☭ Active User Member

    Add Engineer Splav please.