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First CI Meeting

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Zeko, May 14, 2018.

  1. Zeko

    Zeko Well-Known Member

    The first CI meeting for Operation Jupiter will be held on May 18, 2018, or this Friday at 7PM EST. Their are 30 members of CI right now and i expect 30 people to show up for this. This meeting will go over everything we have done and will do. Training times have also been figured out and have been posted. The first few weeks for Operation Jupiter have been bad but i plan on fixing that right now. If you are unable to show up to the meeting post your TS name and your Operative name so I know.
  2. Volf

    Volf Expert Tier Member

    i wanna come :(
  3. CyanEve

    CyanEve Active Member

    TS: CyanEve
    in-game: Grunt Allister
  4. CyanEve

    CyanEve Active Member

    Nevermind, I'll be able to show after all.
  5. Mimic Moxie

    Mimic Moxie Mimicmin Trusted Admin DVL SCPRP Staff Recruitment Team

    There is a 50/50 chance I may not be able to make it since my graduation ceremonies are Saturday and Sunday, meaning bunch of family and friends will be visiting and staying for the weekend. Just so you know incase I don't show.
    Ts: Moxie
    Operative Medina
  6. Ethan

    Ethan Banned Banned

    Putting myself down just in case Jewish stuff prevents me from coming. Like, Moxie, 50/50.

    TS: Ethan
    Grunt Merno
  7. Killer Kelta

    Killer Kelta Untrusted Madmin Trusted Admin DVL SCPRP Staff

    L o s e r s
    But fr you got 30 people? Tf
    Keithette likes this.
  8. Keithette

    Keithette Trusted Admin Trusted Admin SCPRP Staff Recruitment Team

    I'm part of the CI and I didn't even know that.