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G_mill99's Staff application (Sergeant Miller)

Discussion in 'Denied' started by Miller, May 14, 2018.

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  1. B00ner

    B00ner God Tier Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    Shut corp we all know your 60 years old
  2. Corpse

    Corpse Super Admin Super Admin SCPRP Staff Recruitment Team

    Forum Activity does somewhat matter so people actually know who you are. Wei was a Lieutenant and very active IG and on TS so everyone knew who he was. It helps people who may not be able to get on TS to see how they act on the forums and if they are mature or not.
  3. Obtuse B00se

    Obtuse B00se Expert Tier Member

    Miller, Your active in TS and ingame but ya gotta be active on forums too, Also I recommend getting know more people in the community.
  4. BrandonWillWin

    BrandonWillWin Banned Banned

    -Support, Who are you?
  5. BrandonWillWin

    BrandonWillWin Banned Banned

    True, there is hope for you kid.
  6. Gore

    Gore Epic Tier Member

    I didn't state this before, but I have to give a -Support as well.
    I've seen you in game and in TS before, and I think you are a fine guy. Despite this, you don't really stand out to me except for being a young sergeant. The thing about being apart of multiple communities and being staff for them is iffy for me as well. People don't really seem to know you either.
    My recommendation for getting staff next time is this: Find out who is part of the recruitment team. Talk to most, if not all of them about being staff. Ask what they want to see from you, and things like that. Talk to several notable members in the community as well. Right now I am preparing for my next staff app and I am doing that.
  7. Miller

    Miller Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the feedback everybody, I will work to improve on my faults. I will also wait to be recommended to apply again.
  8. Jingle

    Jingle God Tier Member ULTRA MEGA USER


  9. Brainzeeee

    Brainzeeee Super Admin Super Admin SCPRP Staff Recruitment Team

  10. Ocean Man 2

    Ocean Man 2 Active Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    -Support (Majority of the reasons stated above)

    I personally have met you in-game (although not very much) and I have seen you around TS and you seem like a nice person but I'm not sure if I can give my +support on this especially with the fact that you don't seem to understand the SCPs (in a OOC stand point and in terms of being a staff member) and the rules towards those SCPs. So, sorry but this has got my -Support

    also to add onto the whole SCP-999 situation this is a extract from the official SCP wiki (I understand somethings from the wiki are not in Concordia SCP RP lore but SCP-999 on Concordia is said to be similar to the official 999 on the wiki)

    "In addition to its playful behavior, SCP-999 seems to love all animals (especially humans), refusing to eat any meat and even risking its own life to save others, on one occasion leaping in front of a person to take a bullet fired at them" ~ SCP-999 SCP Wikipedia extract, the main portion of that extract being "seems to love all animals (especially humans)" and if you were RPing as a 999 that hates certain people, that is going against the general SCP lore of SCP-999
    Last edited: May 15, 2018
  11. SON

    SON Expert Tier Member

  12. Deadmann

    Deadmann Epic Tier Member

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  13. -support
  14. Miller

    Miller Well-Known Member

    Somebody deny this please. I don't want this to be up anymore.
  15. CyanEve

    CyanEve Active Member

    I didn't think you were ready for SOC even when you got it. You still acted like a new player, as if you didn't even know some basic LCZ SCPs. For example, you didn't know that 294 usage was level 3 clearance only, or where it was, and I needed Estus to reattach Beal's legs as an FMO. Now, I just don't think you've spent enough time with our community to be staff. Make a member app, get more active on TS and Forums, and keep up the game activity. Eventually, you'll be able to apply. But for now, keep learning and growing, and in a few months you might be ready.
  16. Baratheon

    Baratheon God Tier Retired Staff

    He's a good dude. He bought me a stellaris DLC :-)
  17. SON

    SON Expert Tier Member

    Dont back out of this because if you do you will have a very very very hard time getting staff the next time you apply.
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  18. Grim Griffin

    Grim Griffin Spectre Admin Staff Member Sector Admin SCPRP Staff Recruitment Team

    Denied. Gave up.
    Should've listened to me, son.
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