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Good Server :)

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Ice Dude, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. Ice Dude

    Ice Dude Banned Banned

    Well yeah this is a good scp server. its good for roleplaying mostly but you know... so what do you guys think of the server even tho im banned :(
  2. Xyz

    Xyz Head Developer Head Developer Board of Directors

    Roleplaying on the MS Paint server? What a fag.
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  3. Cookie

    Cookie Expert User Member

    *Complements your work*

    *Procedes to shit all over the guy complementing you*
  4. Orphan

    Orphan Deos Veteran ULTRA MEGA USER

    This is the draw stuff section.
  5. DR EVIL

    DR EVIL Trump Tier User Member

    I like to rp while drawing dicks too ; )
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  6. Cookie

    Cookie Expert User Member

    Still not nice.
  7. ImTheFBI

    ImTheFBI Retired Staff Retired Staff

    It wasn't even a real compliment lol. The dude obviously never played on the server and was just trying to get unbanned from SCPRP.
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  8. Wilson

    Wilson Registered

    Technically, he played on the server Before Getting Banned
  9. ImTheFBI

    ImTheFBI Retired Staff Retired Staff

    I'm saying he never played on the Draw Stuff server.
  10. SON

    SON Well-Known User Member

    He was just in the wrong server discussion, even though he’s banned y’all couldn’t figure that out