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Greaux 2006 Application

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Greaux, May 16, 2018.

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  1. Greaux

    Greaux Forum Rookie


    1.1 Tell us a little about the SCP you're applying for, any past experiences or background information of the SCP including, traits, and a physical description. (Minimum 150 words):
    SCP-2006 is an entity able to shape-shift into anything from the body to the voice and chemical structure, into basically anything it chooses. What is to be considered its normal form is a large sphere about 50 cm in diameter. In testing, it has been discovered that it cannot be damaged, regardless of what form it takes. SCP-2006 possesses a particular liking to creatures or enemies considered scary from various horror films it has seen, saying that its goal is to cause horror and fear in as many people as it can. However, the entity has an issue with understanding what is actually considered scary, which significantly reduces the horror it could cause. One of SCP-2006's favorite forms to take is the form of a villain named Ro-Man, taken from a 1953 movie titled, Robot Monster. After trying to scare someone and succeeding, they will become friendly and be considered funny.

    1.2 How would this SCP react around Foundation?:
    Would attempt to scare them with a form it considers scary, and if it is deemed successful, it would then reveal itself and become friendly.

    1.3 How would this SCP react around The Chaos Insurgency?:
    Same as 1.2.

    1.4 How would this SCP react around The MTF?:
    Same as 1.2.

    1.5 How would this SCP react around other SCP’s?:
    Same as 1.2 around humanoid SCPs, and would ignore all others.

    1.6 How would this SCP react to breaching to the surface?:
    It would look for someone to scare.

    SECTION 2. SCP Information (( OOC INFORMATION)
    2.1 What SCP are you applying for?:

    2.2 What is a /me and give an example of such?:
    /me is a command for when you're acting something that doesn't have an in-game animation.

    Ex: /me Grabs entity and attempts to cuff. (Resist?)

    2.3 What is a /roll, and when is it appropriate to do so? Also give an example:
    /roll is used when you're doing countering against something, such as CombatRP, MedRP, etc.

    Ex: /me grabs entity and attempts to cuff. (Resist?) If the entity tries to resist, both people roll, and who ever rolls higher wins the scenario.

    2.4 As this SCP do you abide by fear rp?:

    2.5 When is it appropriate to kill as this SCP?:

    2.6 Have you ever been demoted from this SCP before? If yes, why?


    3.1 Why do you want to be an SCP? :
    SCP-2006 is new to the server and sounds fun and interesting to RP as.

    3.2 Please list relevant skills and qualities that could help you become the best SCP:
    I know and will follow the rules for this SCP.
    I will listen to staff.
    I am familiar with this SCP.
    I have played through the game SCP - Containment Breach.
    I have memorized most of the SCP Wiki.

    3.3 In-game name:

    3.4 Steam Id:

    3.5 How long have you been playing on this server?:
    29.77 (GameTracker)

    3.6 Do you have any experience in SCP Roleplay?:
    Yes, i used to play on an older SCP RP server.

    3.7 State all SCPs that you currently have access to or have had access to:
    662-1, 076-2, 106, Defaults

    3.8 Will you flag down if a staff tells you to?

    3.9 Do you understand that if you do not flag down when told, your whitelist will be removed?
  2. Killer Kelta

    Killer Kelta Untrusted Madmin Trusted Admin DVL SCPRP Staff

    1. You see someone running away and screaming from SCP-939, what do you do?
    2. Can SCP-2006 attempt to scare SCP-682?
    3. What does SCP-2006 do after revealing itself?
    4. Can SCP-2006 release or help SCPs?
    5. You're in a room with 3 people 1 of them is scared the rest have no reaction, what do you do?
    6. When can you breach yourself as SCP-2006?
    7. Your current form has a pistol and someone mentions that they're afraid of being shot, what do you do?
    24 Hours to Reply.
  3. Greaux

    Greaux Forum Rookie

    1.) Try to find a place where no one can see, turn into 939, then find the person and scare them.
    2.) No
    3.) Must be very friendly and co-operate with Foundation.
    4.) No
    5.) Try different forms to scare the rest.
    6.) If in a form that can self-breach and a person is scared of the form in the general area.
    7.) Threaten to shoot them and/or shoot and miss.
  4. Killer Kelta

    Killer Kelta Untrusted Madmin Trusted Admin DVL SCPRP Staff

    Talk to an admin in game for ypur whitelist
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Not open for further replies.