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Gregory Yates' Researcher Application

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Patriot, Jan 11, 2019.

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  1. Patriot

    Patriot Forum Rookie


    1.1) Title (Mr. or Mrs.): Mr.

    1.2) First name: Gregory

    1.3) Last Name: Yates

    1.4) Gender: Male

    1.5) Date of Birth: 06/19/1984

    1.6) Race: Black

    1.7) Nationality: American

    1.8) What is your background?:

    Gregory Yates began his career in anomalous science where most do: as a janitor. Growing up in Albany, Georgia; there were not many prospects for a young man fresh out of high-school other than physical labor. Applying and being accepted for a job with Albany Public Schools was the first step he would take in becoming a real, honest working man. After cleaning floors for a year and a half, he would find himself spending an inordinate amount of time admiring the chemistry labs that would be found throughout the post secondary schools in his work area. He would leave each site pondering the mysteries behind not only the chemicals and implements he used, but also the basic makeup and bounds of the chemical bonds of life itself. It was after saving some money (and with a generous donation from his local NAACP chapter in the form of a grant) that he enrolled in the University of Georgia. Spending numerous years working through his studies and eventually a doctoral thesis on the resonance of valance electrons in unstable high-excitement state particle bonds between alkaline and alkali metals, he earned the title of Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (Ph.D.). Working within his field for around two - three years, his work on these same high-excitement state particle bonds took notice by the Foundation and it's research department. Shortly thereafter, he was offered a job.

    [Section Two: OOC Section]

    2.1) Why do you wish to join the Research Division?:

    I believe the Research Division to be one of the most important divisions (lore wise) that this server has. Being able to study and understand/interact with SCP's effectively means that effective tests and protocols need to be designed and tested. I think this will suit my flavor of SeriousRP quite well, and I am fully dedicated to this branch if it will have me.

    2.2) Please list relevant skills and qualities that could assist you in becoming a Researcher:

    Patience, Understanding of chaos and uncertainty principles, a serious and driven attitude, honesty, temperance of one's enthusiasm, an ability to accept criticism and peer-review, and ability to accept rejection, and perseverance.

    2.3) In-game name:

    [If looking for in-game jobs]: Bravon Stetson (BCU); Alloysius Escoterinson (Engineer); [If looking for display name:] American Patriot

    2.4) Your Steam ID:


    2.5) Your Steam Name:

    American Patriot

    2.6) Do you have any experience in Serious Roleplay?:

    I have been preforming SeriousRP for well over eight years, five of which on HL2RP, 2 of which on SCPRP, and 2 of which CloneWarsRP (Some of these concurrently).

    2.7) Will you flag down if a member of the Staff Team asks you to?:

    Of course.

    2.8) Do you know how and what a /me is? If so, explain and use an example:

    A /me is an action that is taken from the perspective of your character. As an example:

    Dr. Yates: /me searches the immediate area surrounding the chair, pulling up cushions and pillows so as to hopefully find his pen.

    2.9) Do you know what a /roll is, and how it is used with a /me? If so, explain and use an example:

    A /roll is a way to activate the roll the dice plugin, and it is used when an action requires either a PvP aspect, or if the action is not guaranteed success in and of itself.

    Dr. Yates: /me attempts to dodge the rouge D-Class' tackle, trying to jump to the left.
    /roll (Dr. Yates): rolls a 06 out of 100
    (D-Class /roll): (D-00122): rolls a 91 out of 100

    Dr. Yates /me finds himself tackled to the floor, unable to escape the action in time.

    2.10) Have you read the Research Guide?:

    I have in it's entirety.

    2.11) Describe the six different facility codes, including when they are enacted and what you are expected to do during them:

    Code Green: No SCPs have breached, and the Foundation facility is not experiencing any significant interruptions or events. Systems Nominal. Testing is allowed and all persons may exercise their respective duties.

    Code Yellow: Minor SCP breaches have occurred; and while testing may continue, it must halt if ordered to do so by a Level 3 +, MTF, etc. and researchers must follow any directions given to them at that time.

    Code Orange: The Foundation is under attack by a raiding party (usually the CI), and all testing must stop. Research personnel should take egress to Lower R-Wing into the vault (if accessible), SCP-208's CC, or any area that is reasonably safe and hidden from discovery.

    Code Red: Multiple SCP's or a Keter class SCP has breached containment. MTF personnel enter the facility to contain the situation, all testing is stopped, and research personnel should be escorted by security from R-Wing to EZ offices for their safety.

    Code Black: The site has been completely compromised, and evacuation is underway. Security personnel will escort research personnel out of the building, and everyone (besides SID and D-class) should be moved to the MTF FOB. Anyone who does not contain SCP's (SID) should avoid them at all costs, and evacuate via Gate A before the on-site warheads detonate. No testing occurs.

    Code Lockdown: Part of the facility has been breached, either due to D-Class breakout or the presence of some unknown anomaly rendering the area unsafe. Listen to Level 3's + on where to go incase of total site lockdown.

    2.12) What are the three main SCP classes? Describe them and give examples.

    Then first is Safe. Safe class SCP's are those which are sufficiently understood and reliably contained. Such an example would be 294, who's containment consists of being behind a door in the R-Wing; with level 3's and up permitted to consume non-anomalous beverages from.

    Euclid is the next class, which means that the SCP is either not sufficiently understood, is difficult to effectively ensure containment of, or a mixture of both. This means that additional testing may lead to reclassification, but as of the current point it neither qualifies as "Safe" or "Keter". An example would be SCP-173, who's anomalous properties are not understood, and who's containment is breached [embarrassingly regularly] by a lack of maintenance in it's CC.

    Keter Class is the final and most dangerous of the three. Keter-Class SCP's are those that pose a serious threat to the Foundation, it's personnel, and all of humanity by extension. Most (if not all) research done on these SCP's is done to attempt to neutralize/destroy their anomalous effects, and are difficult to contain due to the complexity of the procedures involved; or cannot be secured for any measurable length of time for one reason or another. An example: SCP-682, who's containment relies solely on his grate being down so that he is bathed in acid; and otherwise shows great hostility and aggression towards, well; anything. All testing done with this SCP has been to (quite frankly) destroy it. No success so far.

    2.13) What types of Amnestics are you permitted to use? When should you use them?

    As a Junior Researcher, I would be permitted to use Class A and Class B amnestics.
    Class A may be used after testing with minimal side effects, on all personnel unauthorized to recall such testing afterward. It is dispersed via an Aerosol.
    Class B amnestics are generally slightly less guaranteed to work, but have a much greater time for memory wipe, and are administered orally or via injection. It may cause slightly more serious side-effects, but nothing risking permanent damage. It may be used for general use, should the study or incident last longer than is prescribed for Class-A. They may also be used when cross-exposure of Class-A amnestics (by persons not intended to be affected) is unavoidable, and therefore must be localized to within the recipient.

    2.15) A group of CI walk into the Research Wing and point guns at you, telling you to get on the ground. What do you do?

    I get on the ground, and I'd be quick about it too.

    2.16) You see an anomalous plush turtle flinging around and it kills a security personnel, what do you do?

    I would not interact with it, and would ensure I stayed well away from it. I would radio in for SID assistance, and would ensure that no other researchers attempt to interfere/test the anomaly until Research Management and Area Management give the go-ahead.

    2.17) It is currently a code green and you have no ideas for any tests, what should you do instead?

    SCP interactions, cleanings, feedings and other forms of maintenance of standard practices for upkeep.

    2.18) Do you understand that if you are not found testing within a week you will then be demoted?

    Yes, I do.

    Do you understand that if you do not follow the CoC you will be demoted?

    Yes, I do.

    Do you understand that sometimes you will need to be amnesticized?

    Yes, I do.

    Do you understand that disobedience towards your higher-ups could be grounds for demotion?

    Yes, I do.

    2.19) Are you aware that opening SCP CC’s without a proper reason will get you permanently banned from the server?

    Yes, I do (and no, it won't ever happen).
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