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Hitbox Issues

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Cower In Fear, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. Cower In Fear

    Cower In Fear Trusted Admin Trusted Admin DVL SCPRP Staff

    There are a few models that have the top of their heads not registering as hits, namely the MTF and head Marshall model, its really bad. There are a few others tested like the Chiefs model and some of the security models that if you aim for the top half/area of their head, the hit will not be registered.
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  2. Volf

    Volf Expert Tier Member

    i think its with models that can have visors on top of them with body groups
  3. Harkon

    Harkon Trusted Admin Trusted Admin SCPRP Staff

    I'm guessing it's something to do with character height because the hitboxes are designed for 5'9 characters.
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  4. Volf

    Volf Expert Tier Member

    yesterday i shot a 6 foot 1 d class in the head 5 times with a rex revolver and none of the shots registered but left marks, it might be that
  5. Morguen Harper

    Morguen Harper Active Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    Yeah shooting tall D-Class with a desert eagle does not work sometimes.
  6. Pillhook

    Pillhook Spectre Admin Staff Member Sector Admin SCPRP Staff Recruitment Team

    Huh, so I was actually right. @Dawson
  7. Ranger

    Ranger Well-Known Member

    Mad head glitching
  8. Pumpkins

    Pumpkins Active

    Some of the 6,4 d class head hit boxes are nonexistent to. There was another time when I shot a d class in the head and it went through his head into another z unit.
  9. Doctor Sp00ks

    Doctor Sp00ks Active Member

    That was me you fucking cuck
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  10. JAMI3-AX0R0

    JAMI3-AX0R0 Expert Tier Member

    Yeah I have noticed this when shooting MTF they should be 2 shot kill but sometimes it takes like 5 shots (m82)
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  11. Cower In Fear

    Cower In Fear Trusted Admin Trusted Admin DVL SCPRP Staff

    Mtf models had it the worst, but dawson corrected it, hes just waiting for it to be applied server side, that doesnt mean all the other models are good if they are higher than the tmdefault height.
  12. BurntMan Ghoulster

    BurntMan Ghoulster Expert Tier Member

    I hit an MTF in the head and I'm pretty sure it didn't hit him. I'm sure I hit him though cuz he backed away
  13. DarkTwist

    DarkTwist Active Member

    It's a feature.
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  14. Headless Scapegoat

    Headless Scapegoat Giant nose monster Staff Member Head Administrator SCPRP Staff Recruitment Team

  15. Volf

    Volf Expert Tier Member

    I believe he said it's due to the height being larger then its original height making this a problem
  16. Cower In Fear

    Cower In Fear Trusted Admin Trusted Admin DVL SCPRP Staff

    ^^^ Dawson fixed MTF to the best of his ability. I think I figured out that the underlying problem is the actual scaling system, not Dawson's models, cause normal 5'9 people dont have the issue but when you go taller than that the issues begin presenting themselves.
  17. Pumpkins

    Pumpkins Active

    I’m sure that the 6,4 d class head hit boxes get put inside in there chest instead of their head.
  18. Commie

    Commie Active Member

    I hate this stupid ass bug. I try unloading my rifle into a tall boi, nothin' happens to their health. Gotta aim for the body like a pussy. Fuckin' homo. You can see blood and shit, but it just goes through them or disappears. G A Y
  19. SpookIntyre

    SpookIntyre Well-Known Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    It was a big ol problem with my 6’7 Heavy cuz I could tank m82 bullets to the face without taking damage cuz my hitbox was so weird
  20. Morguen Harper

    Morguen Harper Active Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    How tall is your SID Heavy?