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How dare you stand where he stood?!

Discussion in 'Fast Threads' started by Witta, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Samsung_Sama

    Samsung_Sama Active User Member

    // haha yes i like the funny mem
  2. Rayen

    Rayen Well-Known User Member

    viva la revolution
  3. Iljic

    Iljic Well-Known User Member

    Where am I
    I am real revolutionary commie here
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  4. Bookercatch

    Bookercatch Retired Staff Retired Staff

    As a commie you should know commies despise the French revolution as it is the tipping point where the wealthy elite manipulated and betrayed the common people for their interests
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  5. Micro

    Micro Expert User Member

    things were just as bad before the revolution
  6. D0gg0

    D0gg0 Well-Known User Member

  7. Bookercatch

    Bookercatch Retired Staff Retired Staff

    Ye that's what a commie would say
    That it ain't a true people's revolution
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  8. Oats

    Oats Moderator Moderator SCPRP Staff

    I'm 2 people. Hell yeah.