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Discussion in 'Soldier Reports' started by Userman, May 11, 2018.

  1. Userman

    Userman Well-Known Member

    Catalog Code: IL-001/A

    Document Type: Interrogation Report

    Colonel Kurtz, CI Colonel, Gamma

    Date Received: 05/11/18

    Date of Interrogation: 05/11/18

    Colonel Kurtz

    Name of Subject: Aurora-1, Former COP Unit, Beta

    Subject Affiliation: Chaos Insurgency

    Description of Subject’s Capture: Aurora-1 was found as a survivor after the liquidation of Operation Saturn Idiots. She has been cooperative since Jupiter was started.

    Description of Subject: See Aurora-1 Dossier

    Log of Interrogation:
    6:40 PM May 11th, 2018 Colonel Kurtz questioning Aurora-1
    Colonel Kurtz : How much progress did Operation Saturn achieve at investigating the anomalous desert?

    Aurora 1 : Not much. They were focused on trying to get the SCP's Inside of the foundation insted of the desert but there were whispers.

    Aurora 1 : Of a Program which was going to happend but it didn't happen.

    Colonel Kurtz : Elaborate on the program.

    Aurora 1 : ... well We had two groups the I qoute 'bait' but they didn't know that. apparently they would be fed infomation and sent into.

    Aurora 1 : The desert with head cams. then we had the emegency team if the bait got attacked they would be deployed to 'help' them but.

    Aurora 1 : Short story they were going to send two teams out. with head cams if they died we would see what's inside the desert.

    Colonel Kurtz : Were any actual teams set out to study the desert?

    Aurora 1 : No it was shut down.

    Aurora 1 : Due to it being A waste. apparently.

    Colonel Kurtz : What desert anomalies did you witness or read about during your time at Saturn?

    Aurora 1 : Sand storm which come out of nowhere, apparently in our garage cam was lasered weirdly,

    Colonel Kurtz : Describe the Sandstorm.

    Aurora 1 : Two sand storms actually.

    Aurora 1 : The first one apparently Killed people, the second one was harmless and might be connected to the lasered camera,

    Colonel Kurtz : Lasered camera? How did a camera get lasered?

    Aurora 1 : I don't know.

    Aurora 1 : The camera was melted.

    Colonel Kurtz : Do you have any idea how it got melted? Did you check the feed?

    Aurora 1 : The cam was Destroyed everything in it was fried it no longer responded to the computer.

    Aurora 1 : I suspect it could of been a person with a laser rifle. but not one really have those anymore.

    Colonel Kurtz : From what I know none of the CCTV cameras were connected to anything at all when we got here.

    Aurora 1 : They were.. Or still are connected to tablets.

    Colonel Kurtz : Nope. I don't think so.

    Colonel Kurtz : Next question.

    Aurora 1 : Alright.

    Colonel Kurtz : What major IRUC Projects were worked on at Operation Saturn?

    Aurora 1 : Besides the laser weapons. A Tried attempted at making puppet soilders. thats all I heard.

    Colonel Kurtz : Explain the Laser Weapons project.

    Aurora 1 : These things we got from 914.

    Aurora 1 : Called jarrys. they could fire lasers. So one of our Iruc tried to make lasers weapons out of it. They made 3 snipers.

    Aurora 1 : A raging bull.

    Aurora 1 : And a shot gun.

    Colonel Kurtz : Do you know how they made these laser guns?

    Aurora 1 : ...

    Colonel Kurtz : Well?

    Colonel Kurtz : If you don't know just say you don't know.

    Aurora 1 : Could we move onto the next question. the laser weapons are a very tricky thing to explain.

    Colonel Kurtz : Well at least tell me what they look like, if we ever come across one.

    Aurora 1 : Its hard to explain, they look exactly the same, but when it fires. a red beam comes out of it and with burn the surface or.

    Aurora 1 : Explode the person into blood and gore.

    Aurora 1 : They also have a battery some wireing and a focuser on it, so it can actually make a beam.

    Colonel Kurtz : Tell me about the puppet soldier project.

    Aurora 1 : This project was destroyed. apparently they took two operatives did a lobotomy on one of them puting some wireing and machines.

    Aurora 1 : Where their brain was and then connect a machine to the other.

    Aurora 1 : It was quite stupid. but the iruc doctor who did it. aparrently died from unknown causes.

    Colonel Kurtz : Let's move on.

    Aurora 1 : Alright.

    Colonel Kurtz : Can you explain how Area-XYZ's personnel and staff are structured?

    Aurora 1 : They have different Factions. Gensec SID, Provost, MTF, Area mangment, And then-
    End Log

    Additional Notes:
    Interrogation was ended prematurely. Further questioning will continue at some other point. Any typos are a result of the transcription software. Attached to this file will also be a transcript for a previous unofficial interrogation conducted by Commander Sely.

    Aurora 1 : Anyway we placed three SCP's down there when we got it.
    Commander Sely : And those were?
    Aurora 1 : 294, 426 and 662.
    Commander Sely : You never reported those.
    Commander Sely : Why?
    Aurora 1 : The coffee machine, the Locket and the bell.
    Aurora 1 : I expected earplug told you this. I apologise I did not report it.
    Commander Sely : We know what they are.
    Commander Sely : But he never went in detail.
    Aurora 1 : We never had them fully. the mtf raided for them constantly.
    Commander Sely : And you let them get them?
    Aurora 1 : We tried to defend the raid but we usually got defeated.
    Commander Sely : Isee.
    Commander Sely : So.
    Commander Sely : Why didn't you send them to Sigma Sir?
    Aurora 1 : We used them to our advantage.
    Commander Sely : But if you were smart.
    Aurora 1 : And our gammas never thought of that, and I was never given permission.
    Aurora 1 : To message sigma.
    Commander Sely : Do you know what Saturn was meant to do?
    Aurora 1 : Study anomalies in the desert.
    Commander Sely : And did you do that?
    Commander Sely : Because it sounds like you didn't.
    Aurora 1 : We didn't study the anomalies due to our operation was too battle-focused and our IRUC was never awake.
    Commander Sely : Hmm.
    Commander Sely : On the other note.
    Commander Sely : Could you go in more detail with those 3 SCPs.
    Commander Sely : You guys seemed to like them a lot.
    Commander Sely : Hello?
    Aurora 1 : Sorry, I'm thinking of their abilities.
    Commander Sely : Life?
    Aurora 1 : It makes you feel better but we realised it kills someone in the process so we use Estus.
    Commander Sely : I see.
    Commander Sely : The bell.
    Commander Sely : You guys seemed to, how do I say this 'abuse it'
    Aurora 1 : I didn't abuse it, but we did use it to keep ourselves healthy during raids. Gamams enjoyed abusing 662-1.
    Commander Sely : Like how.
    Aurora 1 : 662 is a bell when you ring it a elderly man walks from out a doorway, you can ask to do anything, upgrade things in 914, -
    Commander Sely : 914?
    Aurora 1 : And if we don't have 294 ask him to get us cups of things.
    Commander Sely : If it can do all that.
    Commander Sely : If you would have sent this to Sigma you could have been rewarded with lots of things.
    Commander Sely : This would be very powerful.
    Commander Sely : And you used it to get water?
    Aurora 1 : Again, I would of notified sigma if I had to power to do that.
    Commander Sely : You did.
    Aurora 1 : I've check I did not. only gammas did.
    Commander Sely : But you could have had one of the gammas do it.
    Commander Sely : Or better, force it.
    Aurora 1 : Or the people who were given permission to do that, The gammas were very stupid fucks. you ask them to do something they don't do it. I couldn't get access to anything besides the cams because the commander i quote was 'too busy' Or he wasn't awake.
    Aurora 1 : And colonels told me to ask the commander.
    Commander Sely : I see.
    Commander Sely : Continue.
    Aurora 1 : Okay what SCP do you want to know about, I know a few.
    Commander Sely : 914, I was informed about it but I was not told how it works.
    Aurora 1 : When you see it, it has setting in the middle of it, Very fine, Fine, 1:1, Course and Rough. You can guess what they can do.
    Commander Sely : I can't.
    Aurora 1 : Then there is an input and output. Basically put a object in the input and put it in any setting and click the button in the middle.
    Aurora 1 : Then its upgraded.
    Commander Sely : Saturn never gave reports on the SCPs XYZ has.
    Aurora 1 : Of course they fucking didn't.
    *Aurora 1 facepalms letting out a sigh of anger.*
    Aurora 1 : So very fine makes the object you put in into something of high quality.
    Aurora 1 : For example we could make juggernaut equipment from SCP-914 if we knew the right combinations.
    Aurora 1 : Fine, it’s like very fine but worse I guess. it’s all combination basically, 1:1 changes the object.
    Aurora 1 : Course make its worse, then rough destroys the object.
    Commander Sely : Nice.
    Commander Sely : And you didn't get this one?
    Aurora 1 : It's massive.
    Commander Sely : How big?
    *Aurora leads us to the current server-storage room.*
    Aurora 1 : Okay so this room, but 2 x bigger. I do believe I never got to see it since COP's didn't raid unless a gamma was captured.
    Commander Sely : I see.
    Commander Sely : This would have been nice to know.
    Aurora 1 : Yeah sorry about that.
    Aurora 1 : What else do you want information about?
    Commander Sely : If your still here when we enter the foundation could you tell us where some certain SCP's are?
    Aurora 1 : Do you know the layout of the foundation?
    Commander Sely : You never sent anything to sigma.
    Commander Sely : You told us to fuck off.
    Aurora 1 : Right.
    Commander Sely : Well..
    Commander Sely : Not us.
    Commander Sely : But Sigma Sir.
    Aurora 1 : Alright so. we have the MTF FOB. you should know about that I think earplug told you. But when you enter the foundation.
    Commander Sely : We know where everything outside is.
    Commander Sely : We don't know what's inside.
    Aurora 1 : Have the foundation ramp. And some stupid defences, and apparently Saturn. couldn't get through. but then you have Gate A.
    Aurora 1 : Which is a choke point. and then your in EZ. No scp's are in EZ, but there is RDC, provost HQ, Cafe. I'll show you when you guys get set up, If I'm still here I guess.
    Additional Access: Operative Weatherby
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  2. VoidUprising

    VoidUprising Banned Banned

    Catalog Code: IL-001/B

    Document Type: Interrogation Report

    Operative Weatherby, Operative, Beta

    Date Received: 05/11/18

    Date of Interrogation: 05/11/18

    Operative Weatherby, Operative Nightingale

    Name of Subject: Operative Samuelson (AKA: "Aurora One")

    Subject Affiliation: Chaos Insurgency

    Description of Subject’s Capture: Aurora-1 was found as a survivor after the liquidation of Operation Idiots. She has been cooperative since Jupiter was started.

    Description of Subject: See Aurora-1 Dossier

    Log of Interrogation:
    Operative Samuelson was asked to list the numberic designation of SCP Contained at Area-XYZ. She then proceeded to list the following:
    173, 1048, 682, 999, 131-A, 131-B, 208, 914, 662, 2337, 076, 035, 049, 096, 082, 662, 999, 2292, 397, 106, 263, 294
    Upon being asked to provide a list of useful information for some of the entities listed, and being given ten minutes or so to do so on a sheet of paper, she provided this:
    SCP 173
    SCP Level:

    Discription: A statue, Unknown of what its supposed to look like

    Way of killing: As you look away it slowly gets closer to you when in grabbing range it would teleport infrount of you and snap your neck

    We usually have three people looking at it while one person puts it into a cell.

    SCP- 682
    SCP Level:

    Discription: A large reptile creature of unknow Speices

    Way's of killing:
    If angered in any way matter It will go into this rage, and tear through anything and killing anyone, the only way to stop it is to usually shoot it into it kinda falls onto the ground

    if on the surface Leave it alone. If in a raid: Fucking Flee or trie to take it down. if you think you can do it

    Note: Don't shoot it, as it will "fuck you up"

    SCP 999
    SCP Level:

    Discription: A beanbag shaped blob

    It can't kill...

    Containment: Lure it with something?
    Due to clear aggitation, she was allowed a period of rest before moving onto the next entities. This log will be posted upon completion.

    Edit: Samuelson has provided new documents, listed below.
    SCP- 106
    Object class-

    Way it kills: It will either drag you somewhere and kill you, or will just touch you and cause your heart to stop.

    Discription: SCP-106 appears to be an elderly humanoid, He is seems to be rotting or decomposing, which is not very surprising seeing how fast he walks

    Containment prossedures: ???

    SCP- 939
    Object class-

    Way it kills: It will lure you with voices. And when you are close enough it will kill you, and mimic your voice..

    Discription. This creature is a Pack type creature usually seen with three more of its own kind. Its a bright red dog, its jaw is lined with red, faintly luminescent fang-like teeth,
    The creature does not have eyes, it goes off sound and movment.

    Containment procesdures,
    Just shoot them until they die. thats what we did, the easy way to do that is to just tranqulize them then shoot them.

    SCP 131-A And B
    Object class:

    I dosen't kill you

    Discription: They are eye drop type shaped creatures with one blue eye in the middle. 131 A is burt orange colour while B is a mustard yellow.

    Containment procsdure: Pick them up and place them any where you want.
    SCP 096
    Object class:

    Description: 096 is a tall humanoid creature, he seems to get agrovated when his face is viewed, so i don't know what his face looks like. But his skin is Pasty white and seems to have no hair on his body.

    Ways it kills: When his face is viewed he starts to cry and whimper and then starts to scream and chase after the creature who viewed his face, This is quite annoying while raiding, due to him liking corners or just sitting infrount of doors. so be careful

    Containment procedures: Never capture this thing due to it being way to dangerous and will break out of containement like it is nothing, due to the creatures strength

    Additional Notes: Samuelson seems agitated by the repeated interogations occuring. However, more will occur in order to gain more info on every entity listed above. She seems particularly angered about Operation Idiot, even going as far to almost blame what is assumed to be Sigma by the phrase, "Maybe if our fucking s-" before cutting herself upon realizing where she was. This is only an assumption, however.
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    // How did you get access to this file and Aurora-1s character file?
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    As for the name, I was told it.
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    // how was she still alive
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    //We got another Snow
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    // That's word for word what Qmix wrote, not me.
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    // Why does nobody ever correct the grammar when it's being logged? Like, copy paste that shit and then correct the grammar.
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    // I edited some of the interrogations, specifically the parts on the SCPs to reflect what Aurora would actually know. For example, SCP-999 and SCP-106's Containment Procedures. I'm pretty sure I've got what matters, but I'm notifying all of you so you don't apply information that you shouldn't know ICly.

    Please re-read the documents and such.

    @VoidUprising @Zeko @Userman