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Discussion in 'Soldier Reports' started by Lore, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Lore

    Lore Kek Tier DVL Member

    Catalog Code: IR-022/A

    Document Type: Intelligence Report

    Olivia Queencraft, Medic, Beta

    Date Received: 8/9/18

    Date of Intel Acquisition: 8/9/18 regarding photos, past couple of days for Foundaton information.

    Summary of Events: Information comes places and items of interest at Foundation and FOB. Photos come from a 682 surface breach when MTF were distracted.

    FOB: In the basement of FOB, there appears to be a keypad locked room. Presumed to be an armory since there isn't an armory anywhere else at FOB.
    EZ: Two of the bathroom stalls are out of order and have been for quite some time. In the engineering bay there is some padlocked lockers. In one office without a label, the only things of interest is the desk is locked and there is a cabinet below the desk. There isn't really anything interesting in Director Corp's Office. In a third unlabeled office, there is a locked cabinet right next to a fridge, and the desk is locked. October's Office has a wall mounted blue tooth go-pro, locked drawers, the desk is locked, and a metal box locked with a keypad. The Security Chief's Office contains a heavy duty lock box with a complicated puzzle lock. The wall also seems to be freshly painted. The room at the end of the offices seems to be some sort of research room. There are files of 735, 2006, and 035 in the room. The books and articles "From the Clash to the Confluence of Civilizations", "Inhibiting Imitative Terrorism Through Memetic Engineering", "The Meme Machine", "The Extended Phenotype", "Consciousness Explained", "The Selfish Gene", "The Chalice and The Blade: Our History, Our Future", and "Virus of the Mind: The New Science of the Meme". There are four filing cabinets. Three contain files of work related injuries, and a few relating to sexual harassment and equal opportunity. The other has files labeled confidential. The bottom drawer of the cabinet is locked. There are two locked desk in the room. Hidden under one of the desk is a medical kit labeled "Emergency Response" and also has the name Lt Simonson.
    HCZ: There is a room that seems to be storage. It has a fridge with a mop that has toothbrushes attached to the end. There is a crate filled with sand. Most interestingly is a glass container with a bucket in it. A sticker on it reads "XYZ-002: 'Bottomless Bucket'".
    LCZ: In one of the closets there is an office set up. In an overwatch, there is 3 server machines hooked up to eachother.
    R-Wing: On one of the tables they have some sort of yellow bio-mechanical organ thingy in a display case. There are three offices, presumed to belong to a Dr.Peterson, Dr.Checks/Dr.Tree. In one office, there is a sleeping bag under the desk. A second room has a letter adressed from Dr.Tree to Dr.Checks. It seems to be an apology letter. Petersons Office doesn't have anything of interest. There is also a quarantine area and a living space area it seems in the vault area. A computer has a note saying something similar to "Dr: Sharma's Computer. Contains many infohazards, memetic hazards, etc."
    Ontop of Foundation, the motion scanner seems to have balls that can easily pop off. Perhaps that is how it can be disabled.
    Last of all, two photos were obtained. They are of 999 and 1437.

    Evidence: For all the information, it can be found within the Foundation. We can probably also get any interrogate-es to verify the info. The photos, I took them with Ashford, Scheffer, and several others.

    Analysis: There are interesting files within all the locked desk/cabinets.

    Recommended Course of Action: Possible get an infil to take the scp documents, and have them lock pick the locked things. Find more about the HCZ storage thing, and try to figure out more about the Sharma computer.

    Additional Notes: N/A