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Kaisser member app

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Kaisser, Aug 8, 2018.

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  1. Kaisser

    Kaisser Active Member

    1. In-game name:
    Marshal Tiez

    2. Teamspeak name:

    3. Steam name and ID:
    Kaisser, STEAM_1:1:59402776

    4. What Concordia server(s) do you play on?:
    SCP Rp

    5. Tell us about yourself (150 Words Minimum):
    I’m a 19 year old guy who’s in community college to get those GE courses out of the way before transferring into a university. I also got this stutter that I swear will be the end of me someday. Before hopping in this server I used to dabble in Star Wars Rp and random game modes, didn’t really put myself into any community till now. The voice changer I have is serviceable for messing with people, though I recently stopped using it as often as I once did out of becoming more serious. What kept me here was how the events actually had some form of a lasting consequence, unlike other servers. That, and I was pushed to making a forum account after passing one of the last general Provost trainings months ago. I grew to enjoy the things that happened here and threw some money into VIP. I’m content on how things panned out in the start and will be sticking around for the future.

    6. Why do you want to be a member of Concordia?:
    I was planning on staying forever registered, but I sealed my fate with this post https://www.concordiagaming.com/index.php?threads/james-smith-d-class-auth.34337/page-3#post-495722

    7. Who referred you (optional)?:

    8. Approximate play time on Concordia game servers:
    234.8 hours

    9. What came first, Ranch or Cool Ranch?:
    Cool ranch
  2. Corp

    Corp Super Admin Super Admin SCPRP Staff Recruitment Team

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