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mental health day!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kiri, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Taylor Craig

    Taylor Craig Expert Tier Retired Staff

    Hi team, just know that tomorrow may be a better day and there’s always someone that loves you in the world whether they’re a person or a pet. Even though dark shit happens everything gets better and I learned that.

    This years been pretty different for me and I’ve had my happy and down days all for different reasons but it helps build you as a person.

    You’re all appreciated and you can get through it and come out better from it xx

    thank you for putting this up too, mental health is a huge thing for our generation and people think they have to go through it alone but it’s normal to feel down but it passes. It might take weeks or even years but it happens and when it does you’ll look back and feel better that you powered through it
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  2. kiri

    kiri Forum Rookie Member

    To be honest I thought this would have a lot of backlash for this but there is a lot of support for this
  3. B00ker

    B00ker Big Guy Retired Staff

    Mental health is important so don't be afraid to rely on others. My couple attempted suicide two years ago and I partook in her recovery since then. There's still a lot of things to be done but we are proud of how far we've come together.
    I also have a plethora of problems in the likes of anxiety and so on but I am yet to be diagnosed by my psychologist. I had a troubling childhood to say the least and it made me a hardened and efficient student and also a shy yet tolerable friend. Point is I force a sense of duty onto any of my actions as they are burdened to the efforts of my parents. I'm in one of the 10 hardest schools of the country by my own choice at age 13 and I'm the first son and first grandson of both families so I'm supposed to be elite and exemplary and yaddah. I moved schools because I needed something to frustrate myself with as I had zero tolerance to frustration and I still do. This does reflect on my performance on the server, where I flamed and mainly flamed my own CI I wasn't angry at them or the mtf I just was mad at myself because I took my duty as commander really close to my chest like any of my duties and I do know it's fucking stupid. I was mad over a bunch of pixels and tripping over real friends because of it and I can't hate myself for it. There's people I actually never made up with
    I'll cont later
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  4. Taylor Craig

    Taylor Craig Expert Tier Retired Staff

    Also, crying is healthy. If you feel like it just do it. It doesn’t make you weak. It lets out everything built up
  5. ThatsMamaLuigiToYouMario

    ThatsMamaLuigiToYouMario Active Member


    I love yall guys no homo but like
    Yall are good beans and yall better stay here, brighter days are gonna come
    And the guts who ik closely within the community (yall know who u are) i really do care about u guys and please don't leave me aight

    Thanks for bringing this up btw, its really important to mention something like this to others.
  6. Sp00ky Bealer

    Sp00ky Bealer Expert Tier Member

    Watch this video it will help you a lot.
    I’m being serious and not trying to be an asshole.

    Turns out masturbating can give you the mindset of depression. Since you’re using the drug in your body to make you feel excited and energenic a lot then you’ll exaust your excitement over other things and happiness.

    I tried this and felt so much better.
  7. Headless Scapegoat

    Headless Scapegoat Giant nose monster Staff Member Head Administrator SCPRP Staff Recruitment Team

    @Zee Spooky Skeleton

    I am going to start bringing you around with me in ts rooms, since I'm always around people that means you will be too.
  8. Assassin

    Assassin Well-Known Member

    I’ve passed the point of no return with a dying social life and anger grown to much with a mix of sadness it’s terrible but I’ve learned how to not show my true feelings
  9. Zee

    Zee 'Welcome to the Community' Guy Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    Well, im feeling better today so ill repost what i had

    Ive been put down,made fun of, laughed at, and treated differently just for things that i couldnt control, i cant see a therapist nor do i want to as its just going to make me even more sad in the end, i just want to be normal, i want to be looked at and seen as a person you can talk to in real life and out of real life, in real life im viewed as a cyclops that looks angry and if you speak to it, it would beat you and online im a backstabbing rat that cant be trusted,seen as serious or even liked.

    Fuck it.

    I've tried suicide hotline a few times but they really didnt help me at all but seemed to like just want to get home, i tried telling my friends and teachers im not okay but they can never get the message, i tried telling my sister im not okay and im sad a lot, i tried telling my guidance councillor that im not okay, I TRIED TELLING PEOPLE IN THIS COMMUNITY IM A GOOD PERSON BUT WHEN I OPEN UP THEY JUST HAVE A GOOD LAUGH AT ME AND NEVER TAKE A CHANCE. I dont blame them for taking a chance, if this wasnt me and i met this person, i'd fuck off from where ever the fuck they went to. I used to be a toxic flaming barrel that was just power hungry and wanting to be seen as a good person, ive gotten so low that i cant make library characters till i can impress Nic, which cant happen if im fucking disliked by half the staff team, ive gotten so distant from people and excluded i just started sitting in empty rooms waiting for people to talk to but i just cant anymore, im just a forums dweller hiding behind a cape of "Welcome to the community" so i can be liked by newer players until somebody tells them about me.
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  10. Brainzeeee

    Brainzeeee Super Admin Super Admin SCPRP Staff Recruitment Team

    I recently discovered that I officially have social anxiety and I gotta talk to a councillor about it. That’s pretty much it.
  11. Sp00ky Bealer

    Sp00ky Bealer Expert Tier Member

    Also, just going outside and going on a walk or talking with friends could help. I used to just play gmod all day and would cancel plans with friends just to play gmod. Then i decided to stop and made my social life a lot better. I taught myself to try new things like talking to my crush, trying new foods, just being myself (which also made a really beneficial difference in my life). I use to never talk in public unless if i was with people i knew. Now i'm usually the conversation starter. I like to bring up things that make me feel like me. I don't really give a shit what people have to say anymore since i realized we only live up to 80 or 100.
  12. Nosfersander

    Nosfersander Ultra Tier Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    You know i gotta love me some Craigie.
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  13. Sp00ky Bealer

    Sp00ky Bealer Expert Tier Member

    And trust me, i know if you have anxiety it's impossible to talk to people. I still have anxiety when i talk to people but try to get conformable while talking to them and not make the conversation get awkward and it works.
  14. FrankenGains

    FrankenGains Banned Banned

    Don't rely on that. It isn't worth it.
    Believe me, I've gone down that path. It'll fuck up your health more imo.
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  15. B00ner

    B00ner God Tier Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    Just remember don't off yourself cause it's not your life to take it's God's, Also it's a major sin to kill yourself and you will go straight to hell.
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  16. Zeener, while this is true from a theological point-of-view, making the person ashamed of their self-hate is really ineffective to make them stop hating themselves.
  17. Zee

    Zee 'Welcome to the Community' Guy Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    I'm already going to hell regardless.
  18. Ranger

    Ranger Well-Known Member

    Why do you have to be such a loser lmao
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  19. B00ner

    B00ner God Tier Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    I mean the only reason I haven't neck myself is my faith in god (this isn't a joke either)
  20. kiri

    kiri Forum Rookie Member

    thats a bit rude