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Mike's SCP-106 Application

Discussion in 'Denied' started by mikekenov24, Aug 9, 2018.

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  1. mikekenov24

    mikekenov24 Forum Rookie Member


    1.1 Tell us a little about the SCP you're applying for, any past experiences or background information of the SCP including, traits, and a physical description. (Minimum 150 words): SCP-106 is a elderly humanoid entity that has the appearance of a rotting corpse; yet still remains alive. SCP-106 is not agile, but can however scale vertical surfaces. When attacking, (for desire) SCP-106 will attempt to incapacitate it's prey with one or two strikes.
    SCP-106 will have a corrosion effect on all solid matter that it touches, breaking down the matter over the course of time. SCP-106 is also able to faze through solid matter, passing through walls and floors. For example, if SCP-106 were to go through a solid building on the north side, SCP-106 would come out on the south side. SCP-106 is not physically inside the matter in between it's entry and exit; it is in a "pocket dimension." SCP-106 has full control over time, space, and any other factors inside of this pocket dimension. Due to this fact, SCP-106's main "hunting" method is by incapacitating it's prey, as stated before, and then transporting them into it's pocket dimension, to then let them run and hide from SCP-106, to no avail. It is known SCP-106 is a class "Keter" entity. SCP-106 is recontained by a process known as the "Femur Breaker" where a Class-D will be put into a device that will break his femur, and the sound he makes when his femur is broken will be transmitted over the intercom. SCP-106 will then slowly go to the injured Class-D, and SCP-106 will be successfully recontained.

    1.2 How would this SCP react around Foundation?:
    SCP-106 would attempt to attack them and transport them to it's pocket dimension, and then torture/chase/kill them in it's pocket dimension.

    1.3 How would this SCP react around The Chaos Insurgency?:
    Same as 1.2.

    1.4 How would this SCP react around The MTF?:
    Same as 1.2.

    1.5 How would this SCP react around other SCP’s?:
    SCP-106 would ignore other SCPs.

    1.6 How would this SCP react to breaching to the surface?:
    SCP-106 would not breach to the surface.

    SECTION 2. SCP Information (( OOC INFORMATION)
    2.1 What SCP are you applying for?:


    2.2 What is a /me and give an example of such?:
    A /me is a roleplay action that cannot be performed in game. A example of a /me would be: /me sits down at the chair, and starts writing in a notebook.

    2.3 What is a counter /me and give an example as such?:
    A counter /me is a /me that is a direct response to a /me. A example of a counter /me would be: /me ducks, avoiding the punch.

    2.4 What is a /roll, and when is it appropriate to do so? Also give an example:
    A /roll is a number from 1-100 that determines if your /me or counter /me is a success or a failure. It is appropriate to do a /roll when you are in a clash of a /me and a counter /me. A example of a /roll would be: /me slaps cuffs around the wrists of the person in front of him. /me pulls his hands away. /roll /roll.

    2.5 As this SCP do you abide by fear rp?:

    2.6 When is it appropriate to kill as this SCP?:
    When a person you are killing is in the pocket dimension, or the fifteen-second interval between when you can't kill people outside of your pocket dimension is not active.

    2.7 Have you ever been demoted from this SCP before? If yes, why?


    3.1 Why do you want to be an SCP? :
    I want to be a SCP because I think it'd open up much more RP for me, and would allow me to get experience in more types of RP.

    3.2 Please list relevant skills and qualities that could help you become the best SCP: Creative, lots of activity so I could become better faster, and overall good /mes.

    3.3 In-game name:

    3.4 Steam Id:

    3.5 How long have you been playing on this server?:
    For about nine days, at the time of typing this.

    3.6 Do you have any experience in SCP Roleplay?:
    Only on this server.

    3.7 State all SCPs that you currently have access to or have had access to:
    SCP-173, SCP-131-A, SCP-131-B, SCP-735, SCP-082, SCP-2006.

    3.8 Will you flag down if a staff tells you to?

    3.9 Do you understand that if you do not flag down when told, your whitelist will be removed?
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2018
  2. Meagher

    Meagher Ultra Tier Member

    2.2/3/4: 'Tackles' is an invalid /me
    24 hours to fix

  3. Moxie

    Moxie Ultra Tier Retired Staff

    1.1 - You need to reword your entire description and not pull too much from the wiki. Even the structure seems pulled from the wiki. Also, the wiki states that 106 does hunt based on desire and not hunger.

    From the Wiki:
    Timer still ticking
  4. mikekenov24

    mikekenov24 Forum Rookie Member

    Fixed; I do hope that 1.1 is now different enough from the wiki; if not at this point, I'll just rewrite 1.1.
  5. Kelta

    Kelta Super Admin Super Admin DVL SCPRP Staff Recruitment Team

    1. What are your intentions as this SCP? [IC intentions.]
    2. What would you do if you encountered a human?
    3. What do you do if the femur breaker is activated?
    4. How long do you have to wait for in-between kills?
    5. Do you bring SCPs into the Pocket Dimension?
    6. How many people can you have in your pocket dimension at a time?
    7. How should 106 move?
    24 Hours to Reply.
  6. mikekenov24

    mikekenov24 Forum Rookie Member

    1. To bring people into my pocket dimension, and then torture, maim, and kill them.
    2. I would attempt to bring them into my pocket dimension.
    3. I should alt-walk back to my containment-chamber.
    4. Fifteen seconds out of the pocket dimension, no time within.
    5. No.
    6. Three people.
    7. By alt-walking.
  7. Meagher

    Meagher Ultra Tier Member

    2. Is that the only thing you can do?
    3. Unfinished answer
    24 hours to fix
  8. Meagher

    Meagher Ultra Tier Member

  9. Meagher

    Meagher Ultra Tier Member


    Time's up
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