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MTF FOB Garage

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Meagher, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Meagher

    Meagher Trusted Admin Trusted Admin DVL SCPRP Staff

    Currently, any random person can just walk into FOB with no repercussions. What I am suggesting is that the top ramp area at the FOB should be closed off or at least have a keycard door on it, along with a garage/entryway below the ramp. There's a ton of space and potential in that area, so I feel like this would benefit the server and RP in general.
    I'll post some images to express what it would look like.
    Garage Entry:
    Exit from FOB into the garage:
    Note: The gate should be large enough to fit a car through.
  2. Burton Guster

    Burton Guster Expert Tier Member

    Even though I'm CI, I think this would be really cool. Especially when we are raiding there's another place we can hit.
  3. Zeedows V7849

    Zeedows V7849 Expert Tier Member

    +support looks cool
  4. McGriffin

    McGriffin Sector Admin Staff Member Sector Admin SCPRP Staff Recruitment Team

    I fucks with the movement.
  5. McIntyre

    McIntyre Active Member

    I like the idea
    +s u p p o r t
  6. Kelta

    Kelta Trusted Admin Trusted Admin SCPRP Staff

    +support not bad chief
  7. Userman

    Userman Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't this need a map update?
  8. Francisco Franco ϟϟ

    Francisco Franco ϟϟ Forum Rookie

    i'd like to see this
  9. Burton Guster

    Burton Guster Expert Tier Member

    Occurred but I think they can just build it for now until the next update
  10. bisoy14

    bisoy14 Active Member

    I'd like to destory this when we cannon raid.
    Burton Guster likes this.
  11. Harris Press

    Harris Press Well-Known DVL Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    +support why would the protectors of Area XYZ just leave their base open to the public?
  12. Literate Pump

    Literate Pump Active Member

    +support makes sense and improves muh immersion