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Oh God please.

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Orphan, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Bogler

    Bogler Big Nigga Retired Staff

    *dvl sells kidneys to bunch of russian hamsters*

    *all of ci is kicked out of the base and not allowed to raid anymore because punsih*
  2. Domo

    Domo Expert User Member

    The thing is with Chat Rp is that everything was Canon. If you died, you died. No "I DONT CONSENT." You could also make a huge impact on the lore as a whole by little actions. On the server you really can't do that. Example: I decide to defect from CI because (Insert Valid Reason). I shoot the commander and the nearest colonel and run.
    "// PK!"
    "// Lol no I don't consent"
    (Someone) removed person's whitelist for CI Sniper
    (Someone) banned person permanently for reason "Fail RP, RDM -Admin"
  3. netguy

    netguy Expert User Member

    Thats why we can have auto PK on, or command enforcing the PKs, if anything like that commander shit hole happens they should always talk to high command first.
  4. Gravy

    Gravy Expert User Member

    you always are on the forums starting stuff and saying things that people with Down syndrome would find idiotic. Mr. I have 2 whole d+ apps, over here saying things about him being involved and the only thing you have contributed is your fat mouth, actually apply constructive criticism instead of blasting people for no GOOD reason.
  5. DR EVIL

    DR EVIL Trump Tier User Member

    Damn..I really wanted to see the pimped taco truck
  6. Orphan

    Orphan Deos Veteran Staff Member ULTRA MEGA USER Forum Mod

    Alright ya'll. Stop flaming now.

    This is the line -----------------------------------------------------
  7. SquigglyLineGuy

    SquigglyLineGuy Active User Member

    where, apart from here? and you're saying involved like this is a huge ass community that's going to get you somewhere in life,I'm not going spend my time on the fourms more than I do shit for school, so thanks.
  8. Phoenix

    Phoenix Trump Tier User Member

  9. Phoenix

    Phoenix Trump Tier User Member

  10. SquigglyLineGuy

    SquigglyLineGuy Active User Member

    That wasn't really flaming since I wasn't directing anything towards him.
  11. Phoenix

    Phoenix Trump Tier User Member

  12. Mike Pence

    Mike Pence Retired Staff Retired Staff

    If many people actually cared about chatrp, then the server would be much different than it is now. Rp stirring events will now be stirred by the high command staff and Xyz rather than Nic. It's up to the community to make sure they're on top of that. The only people this actually negatively affects are people who actively partake in and enjoy(what was considered) canon chatrp. Which is such a minute group of people that it's almost pointless and unfair to those who play on the server daily. It is the "inconvenient truth".
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  13. SquigglyLineGuy

    SquigglyLineGuy Active User Member

    I'm using you as in everyone
  14. Orphan

    Orphan Deos Veteran Staff Member ULTRA MEGA USER Forum Mod

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  15. SquigglyLineGuy

    SquigglyLineGuy Active User Member

    Sorry, I'm done.
  16. Nic

    Nic Founder Founder Board of Directors DVL

    "But muh chat rp" - Guy who refused to participate in chat rp
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  17. Micro

    Micro Banned Banned

    ChatRP has almost zero purpose now imo.
    The reason I found ChatRP to be enjoyable was because events that happened in ChatRP affected the server, and vice versa.

    Now in ChatRPs you're just some Joe Schmoe doing stuff completely seperate from the server.
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  18. Keith

    Keith Trusted Admin Trusted Admin SCPRP Staff Recruitment Team

    before, people were scared to fuck up as it can ruin everything (which was kinda gay) but now there's no penalty. that just ruins the fun of it entirely though. you can do so much more with chatrp than you can in game, but I do 100% want to see more events utilizing the unused areas in the map.
  19. Micro

    Micro Banned Banned

    imma let you in on a little secret

    there is no way that chatrps can fuck up everything, from an ooc standpoint

    oh, your base got bunker busted? pff don't worry we've got a harry potter-esque time travel machine 2000 to fix that
    oh, world's about to end? pff don't worry we'll just turn back time whoop dee do
    oh, <insert event here>? pff don't worry <insert deus ex machina here>

    the only thing that people are worried about is their characters, which is 100% gay
    they pussyfoot around during chatrps which, more times than not, leads to worse things than if they just stopped growing some gay attachment to their characters
    the only thing chatrps can truly fuck are ya'lls precious characters

    ya'll dumb and ruined chatrp for the rest of us
  20. Orphan

    Orphan Deos Veteran Staff Member ULTRA MEGA USER Forum Mod

    After a while playing as Alessandrio I just started thinking “Kill until I die” and just did cocaine and killed people because of I die I die. Then o got the knife and it got ten times worse.