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Operative Hailfax [K.I.A]

Discussion in 'CI Character Profiles' started by someBODY, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. someBODY

    someBODY Banned Banned

    Henry Hailfax on a humvee whilst going on a raid.

    [NAME]: Henry Hailfax
    [DATE OF BIRTH]: 3/1/1987
    [SEX]: Male
    [NATIONALITY]: Brazillian
    [PLACE OF BIRTH]: São Paulo,Brazil.
    [MARITAL STATUS]: Unwedded
    [OCCUPATION]: CI Beta Operative
    [AFFILIATION]: Chaos Insurgency
    [LANGUAGES]: English,Portuguese (Brazillian)
    [RELATIVES]: Maria Hailfax (Deceased) João Hailfax (Alive)
    [TROPHIES]: The M79 bullet he used to shoot MTF Alpha Reef.
    [NOTES]: N/A



    [HEIGHT]: 6'2
    [WEIGHT]: 174 Pounds
    [EYE COLOR]: Brown
    [HAIR COLOR]: Black
    [BODY BUILD]: Average
    [SKIN TONE]: White


    [ADDICTIONS]: Cigarettes
    [SEXUAL ORIENTATION]: Heterosexual
    [LIKES]: Food,Funny Jokes,Raiding
    [DISLIKES]: Doing absolutely Nothing


    Foundation: I mean,thats why i joined CI.
    Keter SCPs: Majority of those are useless and just kill more of our men.
    MTF: Stupid Cell Suits,kill more CI than any SCP could ever do.
    MTF Commander Johnston: Do i really have to explain?

    SDU: Can be hard to take out in the beginning of raids,but if we take them by surprise...It becomes very easy.
    SID: Damn Heavies and their M249,thank god they dont have as much strength and armor as OUR heavies.
    GenSec: SSOs and FMOs and their damn medkits and shotguns.
    Grunts Ariel or Something like that: Shot at the foundation and almost caused a surface war,then ran away (left)

    Grunts: They are new,i cant blame that.

    People who leave the damn front door open: You want a SCP to get inside or what?!
    CI Operative/Person Ganes: I think i saw him.

    Walshbergerman: Is that even how you spell it? I think he likes grapes.
    Raiding: I love shooting the weak bodies of GenSec with the m79 or m249.
    CI Betas: At least they know how to do their job.
    CI Heavies with Skill: You lead our raids to the point that we win even the most powerful of SDU.

    CI Snipers with good aim: They can shoot anything that moves.
    CI Commander Yeh: You are the best commander.
    Colonel Mussara: Best Colonel i have experienced. What happened?
    Longstrid: I mean...i guess?

    CI Heavy Lamnet: This man has taken out many SID and GenSec,protected many of us and saved many raids from failure.
    Why did you have to go...?
    CI Heavy Dusk: She knows how to end the lifes of these foundation dumb-asses.
    CI Heavy Brownie: Knows how to coordinate,and knows how to lead a raid.
    Ragnarok: Best doggo to ever dog.

    Mother: I love you,i dont know what would happen if i lost you Why did you have to go?
    Father: I love you,no matter what.
    Lady: She is my dog,i love her.

    Last edited: Aug 20, 2017
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