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Oscar Odinson: Disposable Medic

Discussion in 'Accepted but not yet implemented' started by Ancient Anglican Burial Ground, Oct 10, 2018.

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  1. Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:438604268

    Character name:
    Oscar "Guardian" Odinson

    Character’s Division/Job: Class-D Personnel

    What you want your character to have / know / experienced / done / etc.: Have the skill equivalent to a Medical Officer (70 medical skill) and the rollbonus equivalent to all medical staff (+30 to medical treatment). Along with this, a +5 against humans.

    Reason for it: Oscar was a member of a Utah-based milita group, in this group Oscar acted as both a leader and the primary privoder of medical care. While the group woulx rarely suffer anything worse than a sprained ankle, he had gotten full training to be a Field Medic.

    Along with this, he would train and diet to be stronger and better at fighting. Sparing with his comrades, preforming citizens' arrest, and being a general pillar of the community.

    How did a man like this end up on death row? One day in the december of 2016, Oscar broke into the home of a registered sex offender with two other members of the milita. They brutally killed him, then were found out about a month later. They were sentenced harshly and, Oscar, as the leader was punished with a death sentence with no chance of parol.

    How it will affect your character: With the appropriate tools and setting, he will be able to treat injuries a Medical Officer can. While being about half as proficient in fighting as an Officer.
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  2. Ranger

    Ranger Well-Known Member

    +Support D-Class FMO lul. But this would actually give some fun RP for dclass during a breach.
  3. SpookIntyre

    SpookIntyre Well-Known Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    Agreed. It’d make breaching as a d class much easier due to them actually having somebody who can heal them.
  4. Spookdows

    Spookdows Ultra Tier Member

    Did you make a character profile?
  5. I'll go ahead and do that
  6. Spookdows

    Spookdows Ultra Tier Member

    This would actually be cool for when someone gets injured in dblock or for when Dclass escape
  7. BurntMan Ghoulster

    BurntMan Ghoulster Expert Tier Member

    This would be cool to have, d-class could use someone that could heal them in the event of a breach. That's one thing everyone has but not d-class
  8. Justaperson

    Justaperson Forum Rookie

    If you have an FMO Whitelist then Sure ~Neutral/If you have FMO Whitelist +Support
  9. SpookIntyre

    SpookIntyre Well-Known Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    ... that isn’t how whitelists work lol. Just because you’ve watched 2 YouTube videos about Gordon Ramsey doesn’t mean you’re a chef. It takes practice.
    Same with this, you can’t just have the whitelist and automatically have medical knowledge on all of your characters.
  10. Justaperson

    Justaperson Forum Rookie

    I meant if he had a whitelist he would know what to do OOCly next time read my post more carefully before trying to correct me
  11. SpookIntyre

    SpookIntyre Well-Known Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    There’s no context to provide that you meant that.
  12. Justaperson

    Justaperson Forum Rookie

    I'm sorry my dude, it's just that I have literally no sleep and I am in school right now and I am pretending to be on Khan Academy instead i'm here in the corner of the classroom.
  13. BurntMan Ghoulster

    BurntMan Ghoulster Expert Tier Member

    I can agree with this, i watched a video to make stuffing for Thanksgiving and my stuffing turned into soup
  14. I don't want it on all of my characters, most of my characters lack medical skill. I'm not making an arguement that "Because I'm a Medical Main, all my characters should have medical knowledge!" That would be silly.

    What they meant was "If you know Medical Roleplay, then I support this." Read in between the lines.
  15. Sp00ky Bealer

    Sp00ky Bealer Expert Tier Member

    nigga you go to school to learn not go on a gmod forums
  16. Bones n' Blitz

    Bones n' Blitz Spookmoonity Manager Staff Member Community Manager Board of Directors

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