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Provost Aria's Goggles

Discussion in 'Character Authorizations' started by Crook, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Crook

    Crook Registered

    Steam ID:

    Character name:
    Holmes Aria

    Character’s Division/Job:

    What you want your character to have / know / experienced / done / etc. :
    To have goggles over her eyes

    Reason for it:
    Aria realizing her eyes are a vulnearble place asked her head marshal if she could wear a pair of goggles with her uniform, he let her

    How it will affect your character:
    My Character will have the body group for goggles added
    It would be these Body Groups

  2. Jingle

    Jingle Expert User Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    Deadass? Did you /me takes goggles off helmet, /me puts on goggles?

    Basically what can be done lol. (The Provost model has goggles on its helmet, right?)
  3. G_mill99

    G_mill99 Active User Member

    Yes it does, but it needs to be set down apparantley
  4. Stealer

    Stealer Expert User Member

    it has a wrap on it so you gotta take that off too
  5. Soles

    Soles DVL DVL Member

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  6. Zee

    Zee 'Welcome to the Community' Guy Member ULTRA MEGA USER

  7. Sail

    Sail Active User Member

  8. Chubby

    Chubby Well-Known User Member

    /me puts goggles on face.
    Just change your char description and whenever people try and use that against you, tell em to look at your desc.
  9. An Angry Iranian

    An Angry Iranian Head Admin Staff Member Head Administrator SCPRP Staff Recruitment Team

    @McGriffin lol think we can make this happen?
  10. McGriffin

    McGriffin Sector Admin Sector Admin SCPRP Staff Recruitment Team

    No. It would require Xyz coding to save these specific body groups.