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R Wing Large Room

Discussion in 'Map' started by Bronze, Apr 29, 2018.

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  1. Bronze

    Bronze Super Admin Super Admin DVL SCPRP Staff Recruitment Team

    In the coming map update, I would like to re-add the lower R wing big room. It was used plenty of times by researchers, and during the inauguration raid. Now the director has to sit inside of the tram room where it's a little too small in my opinion.
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  2. Ilyich

    Ilyich Banned Banned

    or incease tram room space
  3. Burton Guster

    Burton Guster Expert Tier Member

    They should make a proper labratory within the big room and have the tram somewhere in that space.
  4. Rob Borealis

    Rob Borealis Expert Tier Member

    Hell yeah man. I want to test 131's playing soccer but I don't wanna walk all the way to EZ Big Room to do it.
    Jokes aside, it would be very useful for tests that involve LCZ SCPs and you don't have to worry about going through the maze that is HCZ>
  5. Gift Stealer

    Gift Stealer Expert Tier Member

    It’s also the place where I had a basketball game. +support
  6. Snows

    Snows Trusted Admin Trusted Admin SCPRP Staff

    Be nice to have it back.
  7. Gerald David

    Gerald David God Tier Member

  8. JAMI3-AX0R0

    JAMI3-AX0R0 Expert Tier Member

    +support good for sims too
  9. Icarus Maru

    Icarus Maru Forum Rookie


    it would be nice to have it back. Also perhaps the walls inside the room to the left upon entering lower r wing could be removed. used to you could hide in there as a researcher but they check everywhere in there now.
  10. Joyous Press

    Joyous Press Trusted Admin Trusted Admin ULTRA MEGA USER SCPRP Staff

  11. Ranger

    Ranger Expert Tier Member

    Would be useful for trainings, sims, research etc...
  12. Zeener

    Zeener God Tier Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    Bring back the big room
  13. BrandonWillWin

    BrandonWillWin Banned Banned

    ~Neutral, sure i guess
  14. A Jolly Mendoza

    A Jolly Mendoza God Tier Member

  15. Ranger

    Ranger Expert Tier Member

    Perhaps there could be an observation room so people can overlook simulations and scp testing.
  16. Snows

    Snows Trusted Admin Trusted Admin SCPRP Staff

    Yeah instead of using it as a research room lets just make it a sim room and defeat the purpose of having a large room in R-wing.

    There's already a sim room in EZ we don't need a second one. If there was going to be another one it wouldn't be in R-Wing.
  17. Velvet

    Velvet Well-Known Member

    Lower R wing Big Room was a really good part of the map
  18. Bob Knight

    Bob Knight Expert Tier Member

    A lot of uses for that big room
  19. Snows

    Snows Trusted Admin Trusted Admin SCPRP Staff

    Just gonna bump this back up because it’d be neat to have this back due to how much use this could have.
  20. Christmas Millercle

    Christmas Millercle Expert Tier Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    What about having a bunker? As well as a laboratory.
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