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Remove 1316 and replace with 372

Discussion in 'Denied' started by Orphan, Apr 15, 2018.

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  1. Azez

    Azez Trump Tier User Member

    hail pickle
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  2. BrandonWillWin

    BrandonWillWin Well-Known User Member

  3. Kougrhuntr/ Michael Caboose

    Kougrhuntr/ Michael Caboose Well-Known User Member

  4. Nighthawk

    Nighthawk Well-Known User Member

  5. Big Dad

    Big Dad Active User Member

    +Support bring back the pickle.
  6. Orphan

    Orphan Deos Veteran ULTRA MEGA USER

    Also the 079 camera which reroutes you to 397's room has the icon as 372.

    So its not like we completly removed him.
  7. Overgrown

    Overgrown Expert User Member

    bring pickle back +support
  8. Harris Press

    Harris Press User Member ULTRA MEGA USER

  9. Aleksander

    Aleksander Expert User Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    I'll take the job of listing why this is a bad idea.

    1: 1316 helps the CI, not Operation Saturn specifically. You were even told ICly a new operation was coming to replace you, and when that happens 1316 will be needed more than ever.

    2: Area-XYZ is literally banned from recieving any new SCP's due to having lost 035, 427, 662, 294 etc.

    3: If SCP-372 ever canonly breaches, recontainment would be even more of a bitch than the current SCP situation.

    There are probably more, i'd like to see one of you list the reasons why SCP-372 should be re-introduced.
  10. Orphan

    Orphan Deos Veteran ULTRA MEGA USER

    1. 1316 is needed for maybe an infiltration and then just gets contained. 1316 was meant for long term infiltration and is now just doing s regular infiltrators job. but CI were able to do it without him in the past, and it’s not like he’ll be a necessity.

    2. I’m sure that due to us having 372 in the past, we’ll be able to get him. Just as we are already contained we can maybe do a trade, sending 1316 to Babylon and another site giving us 372. Up to the site f they want to transfer or if that will be covered.

    3. 372 containment is easy, it’s just long. He stalks one person and will continue to follow him. It’s doubtful 372 would ever leave the area as there’s no one to stalk in the desert.

    No need to put a snarky remark at the end, especially when you’ve just started the conversation.
  11. Aleksander

    Aleksander Expert User Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    It wasnt snarky at all, i just wanted a list lol

    Well 1316 will be needed again, so why not both.jpg
  12. Orphan

    Orphan Deos Veteran ULTRA MEGA USER

    Because they’re basically the same. The CI having an scp that outlived it’s usefulness is pointless. You can keep it but all I could see it doing is just being captured over and over while being an infiltrator.
  13. Aleksander

    Aleksander Expert User Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    Vic already told you all a new operation was coming, and by then it'll be needed.
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  14. Burton Guster

    Burton Guster Active User Member

    We could have both can't we?
  15. Micro

    Micro Banned Banned

    Exactly. I fully intend to use SCP 1316 to the extent of its usefulness, which will soon be much greater than it is now.
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  16. Aleksander

    Aleksander Expert User Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    Well i wasnt going to reveal that much, but yes i suppose lol.
  17. Micro

    Micro Banned Banned

    It’s not revealing much. In the past, 1316 was just sent into the foundation, and they didn’t really relay anything. I intend to make 1316 actually do its job and conduct reconnaissance, which is what I think its purpose is.
  18. Roozrokh

    Roozrokh Sector Admin Staff Member Sector Admin SCPRP Staff Recruitment Team

    Ok so, I am denying this NOT BECAUSE OF 372. but because we don't need to get rid of a scp just to put the bent pickle back. They are 2 very different scps.

    If you want orphan just make a suggestion to add the bent pickle back.

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