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Research Roster

Discussion in 'Research Division' started by Calvin, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. Calvin

    Calvin Operator Operator DVL ULTRA MEGA USER SCPRP Staff

    Research Division Roster


    Color Key

    Positive Watchlist


    Negative Watchlist

    Verge of Demotion

    - Excused from Meetings


    Doctrine Roster Link

    Area Manager:

    Head Researcher:

    Dr. Jonson // @Calvin

    Research Supervisors [2/ 2]:


    Dr. Campbell // STEAM_0:1:99070728

    Senior Researchers:


    - Dr.Weber // @Tanku

    - Dr. Crimson// @Harris Press

    Dr. Famal // @Defron

    - Dr. Kleiner // @Xyz

    - Dr. Midnight // @McGriffin

    - Dr. Collier // @Moxie

    - Dr. Vandyll // @Pillhook

    - Dr. Logan // @Martell

    - Dr. Ferry // @Corp

    | Dr. Kellser // @Miller

    - Dr. Jorji // @Power

    - Dr. Jehia // @Orphan

    | Dr. Wellings // @PapaSquidward

    - Dr. Jarvis // @Bronze

    -Dr. Reynolds // @CyanEve

    Dr.Von Winters // @It's Texas time.

    Dr. Wilcox // @Morgan Harper

    Dr. Lloyd // @Soles

    Dr. Fowl // STEAM_0:0:120867469

    Dr.Leery // @Leeryrelic6

    Junior Researchers:

    Total: 32

    Dr. Uberczenchmeist // @Zee

    Dr. Humphrey // @McIntyre

    Dr. Farnum // @Userman

    Dr. Cook // STEAM_0:0:116016729

    Dr. Krowan // @Commie

    Dr. Macneil // @Tight

    Dr. Robinson // @Kenneth Slick

    Dr. Lynch // @SparkZero

    Dr. Bäumer // @Jack 3

    Dr. Barnett // @Doctor Biggums

    Dr. Jamon // @JAMI3-AX0R0

    Dr. Walker // @Verticality

    Dr. Serpico // @FemPizzaBag

    Dr. Murphy // @Lee

    Dr. Georgiano // @Nebuobbles

    Dr. Schneider // @Rob Borealis

    Dr. Sputnik // STEAM_0:1:61797131

    Dr. Cross // @Blizzard

    Dr. Mercer // @Wei

    Dr. Freeman // STEAM_0:0:92915174

    Dr. Wells // STEAM_0:1:245940043

    Dr. Lane // STEAM_0:0:87081493

    Dr. Long // STEAM_0:1:91210689

    Dr. Constantine // STEAM_0:1:77631080

    Dr. Orange // STEAM_0:0:172089547

    Dr. Uso // STEAM_0:1:42384874

    Dr. Dickens // STEAM_0:0:94097942

    Dr.Harden // @Corve

    Dr. Uduakobong // @Jingle

    Dr. Muller // @SixBytes

    Dr.Hyde // @AshtonFearBolt

    Dr.Sokolov //@mikekenov24

    Dr. Boucher // @Kiri

    Dr. Velmore // @Chubby

    Dr. Champagne // @M3dusa

    Dr. Church // @Meagher

    Dr.Wolfe // @Literate Pump

    Dr.Gonzales // @Monroy

    Dr.William // @Grim Reaper

    Dr.Marshall // @Chan

    Dr.Green // @Gravy

    If you are on the verge of demotion list, you have three days to prove yourself before you get demoted.

    Senior Researchers+ are required to attend the research meetings. If you don't plan on attending one, make an absence here. If you miss a meeting, you will receive a strike (|). If you receive three strikes, you will (most likely) be demoted. This does not apply to staff (unless you are on the positive watchlist/research supervisor).

    // If you no longer see yourself on the roster it means that you have been demoted. This only applies to people who were on the old roster. If you believe that you should not be demoted then you can talk to me on TS.

    // Inactive Researchers [Demote when possible]

    Total: 15

    Dr. Rheingold // STEAM_0:0:71321401

    Dr. Tea // @Blue Berry

    Dr. Aihara // @Chiaki Nanami

    Dr. Frost // @Keegster88

    Dr. Montelle // @Memesauce

    Dr. Schindler

    Dr. Price // STEAM_0:1:433584197

    Dr. Blakeston // STEAM_0:1:60354350

    Dr. Alfred // @Keith

    Dr. Chapell // @Gerald David

    Dr. Kobayashi // @Kowalski

    Dr. Hans // @Ranger

    Dr. Reid // @TheOtaku

    Dr. Leeward // @Nuclear Rubix

    Dr. Woods // @DoctorWolfula


    All Researchers have a full 7-day notice in order to register their name and rank onto the Roster. Failure to do so may result in demotion.


    Missing Researchers / DoS / K.I.A

    Dr. Yak - K.I.A

    Dr. Sharma - DoS/M.I.A

    Dr. Tree - K.I.A

    Dr. Vance - K.I.A

    Dr. White - K.I.A

    Dr. Checks - K.I.A

    How to Get added



    (//Steam ID:

    Link to App: )

    // Blacklist:

    // @Maxie | STEAM_0:0:454462693
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  2. Corve

    Corve Active Member

  3. Calvin

    Calvin Operator Operator DVL ULTRA MEGA USER SCPRP Staff

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  5. It's Texas time.

    It's Texas time. Forum Rookie

  6. mikekenov24

    mikekenov24 Forum Rookie Member

    Last edited: Jan 4, 2019
  7. Calvin

    Calvin Operator Operator DVL ULTRA MEGA USER SCPRP Staff

    Dr.Fowl and Dr.Campbell have been promoted to Senior Researcher.
    Dr.Muller has been demoted to Junior Researcher.
    Dr.Sokolov, Dr.Hyde, and Dr.Von Winters have been added as Junior Researchers.
  8. Edward Riane

    Edward Riane Forum Rookie

  9. Chubby

    Chubby No better than dirt. Member

    // Please demote Dr. Velmore to Junior Researcher. I don’t play Research as much as SID/CI.
  10. Calvin

    Calvin Operator Operator DVL ULTRA MEGA USER SCPRP Staff

  11. Calvin

    Calvin Operator Operator DVL ULTRA MEGA USER SCPRP Staff

    Dr.Champagne has been demoted from Supervisor to Junior due to inactivity. This means that there are now no Research Supervisors.
  12. Leeryrelic6

    Leeryrelic6 Forum Rookie

    Name: Dr. Leery
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:55133019
  13. Chan

    Chan Well-Known Member

  14. Gravy

    Gravy God Tier Member

    Name: Dr. Lenard Green

    //STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:136895590
  15. Calvin

    Calvin Operator Operator DVL ULTRA MEGA USER SCPRP Staff

  16. Harris Press

    Harris Press Furris Press - Trusted Admin Trusted Admin ULTRA MEGA USER SCPRP Staff

    // Replace Meier with Forest