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Researcher App #2

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by dodgamor, Dec 4, 2018.

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  1. dodgamor

    dodgamor Active Member

    1.1) Title (Mr. or Mrs.): Mr

    1.2) First name: William

    1.3) Last Name: Orange

    1.4) Gender: Male

    1.5) Date of Birth: 6/7/1989

    1.6) Race: Caucasian

    1.7) Nationality: American

    1.8) What is your background?:
    William Orange is a researcher at Martin Research Laboratory in California. He has been studying medical science for about 3 Years. William achieved a Bachelor of Science Degree in College. William grew up in Tucson, Arizona, He stumbled on researching while in his third grade class. The fact of learning something new just by doing something yourself astounded William. He and his parents moved to Lose Angeles California when he turned 13 years old. William got noticed by the foundation and they decided to send William a letter, asking to join they're research division. William thought it would be a great way to further expand his researching knowledge.

    [Section Two: OOC Section]

    2.1) Why do you wish to join the Research Division?:
    To somewhat expand my RP Capabilities.

    2.2) Please list relevant skills and qualities that could assist you in becoming a Researcher:
    Knowing most of the server rules and researcher rules.

    2.3) In-game name:

    2.4) Your Steam ID:

    2.5) Your Steam Name:

    2.6) Do you have any experience in Serious Roleplay?:

    2.7) Will you flag down if a member of the Staff Team asks you to?:
    Of Course.

    2.8) Do you know how and what a /me is? If so, explain and use an example:
    A /me Is a command that is used to describe an IC Action. /me eats the sandwich

    2.9) Do you know what a /roll is, and how it is used with a /me? If so, explain and use an example:
    A /roll Is a command that can be used to go along with most RP Scenario's.
    Some Examples of a /roll to determine an RP Scenario would be
    1. /me Tackles the Z-Unit /roll
    2. /me Attempts to cut on marked line without an accident /roll
    Rolls also determine if a roll against something or someone is to win or lose.
    1. /me tackles the provost
    /me would kick them back
    The two people in the RP Scenario would then roll to see who's action will win.
    /Roll *Provost Bob rolled 98 (0-100)
    /Roll *D-Class 8368 Lopez rolled 3 (0-100)

    2.10) Have you read the Research Guide?:

    2.11) Describe the six different facility codes, including when they are enacted and what you are expected to do during them:
    Code Green: In a Code Green, Testing should be going as normal. Everything is fine.
    Code Yellow: A low level SCP is breached but testing can still continue. Researchers have to listen to Level 3+. Level 3+ people can stop testing.
    Code Red: Either Multiple low level SCPs are breached or a Keter SCP is breached. Researchers are to be escorted from R-Wing to EZ Offices.
    Code Orange: The CI are raiding the foundation. Researchers should go to the vault in Lower R-Wing or should hide if they dont have access. Some places are like 208s CC, The supply closets and others.
    Code Lockdown: A Code lockdown is set when part of the facility is compromised by an anomaly. During the facility lockdown you should listen to level 3+ to know where to go.
    Code Black: The entire facility is compromised. Everyone besides SID + D-Class are to leave the facility and head to the Field Operating Base.

    2.12) What are the three main SCP classes? Describe them and give examples.
    Safe: Safe SCPs are SCPs that are somewhat fully understandood. Some Safe SCPs can be still dangerous though. An SCP would be like SCP-662 and SCP-662-1 Where Mr. Deeds can be friendly but be told to kill someone.

    Euclid: These SCPs are some that have a bit of understanding but not so much. SCPs are kept under Euclid category until they are somewhat fully understood. Some SCPs like this include 1036 or 173

    KETER: Keter level SCPs are SCPs that pose a threat to humanity or the entire SCP Foundation. In order to recontain these SCPs they require the most precise procedures to recontain. Keter level SCPs are usually the most dangerous SCPs in existence. Some of these Keter Level SCPs would be, 682 and 035.

    2.13) What types of Amnestics are you permitted to use? When should you use them?
    Class A: I can use class A amnestics when people are done with a D-Class test.
    Class B: I can use Class B amnestics if the Class A amnestics dont work, I can also use class b to have a longer effect than class a if a test takes a long time.

    2.15) A group of CI walk into the Research Wing and point guns at you to get on the ground. What do you do?
    I comply with them and try not to get shot.

    2.16) You see an anomalous plush turtle flinging around and it kills a security personnel, what do you do?
    I would radio it in and stay as far back as possible.

    2.17) It is currently a code green and you have no ideas for any tests, what should you do instead?
    Interact with SCPs and keep tabs on them.

    2.18) Do you understand that if you are not found testing within a week you will then be demoted?

    Do you understand that if you do not follow the CoC you will be demoted?

    Do you understand that sometimes you will need to be amnesticized?

    Do you understand that disobedience towards your higher-ups could be grounds for demotion?

    2.19) Are you aware that opening SCP CC’s without a proper reason will get you permanently banned from the server?
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  2. Calvin

    Calvin Well-Known Member

    1.1) Mr. Orange isn't a title.
    1.8) Put more detail into what degree you have, how you grew up, and what you worked on.
    2.9) Put more detail into what happens with a /roll by adding a better example. Show what it looks like.
    2.13) Not complete.

    24 hours to fix
  3. dodgamor

    dodgamor Active Member

  4. Jolly M3dusa

    Jolly M3dusa Active Member

    2.9 Show how it plays out with a /roll in an actual RP scenario and show how someone wins one
    2.13 What are each commonly used on and/or for.

    24 Hours to Fix
  5. dodgamor

    dodgamor Active Member

  6. Calvin

    Calvin Well-Known Member

    Put your name on the Researcher Roster as soon as possible.
    Be sure to use the Researcher Guide and Testing Requirements before and during every test you do.
    If you have any questions, ask a fellow researcher in game or you can message me on the forums.

    Welcome to the Research Division.
    (To get your whitelist, link this app to an admin and ask for your researcher whitelist)
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