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Researcher Application.

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by CheetoBoi, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. CheetoBoi

    CheetoBoi Forum Rookie


    1.1) Title (Mr. or Mrs.):

    1.2) First name:

    1.3) Last Name:

    1.4) Gender:

    1.5) Date of Birth:

    1.6) Race:

    1.7) Nationality:

    1.8) What is your background?:
    Former professor at Yale, became a biologist in 1994, was recruited by the Foundation in 2006. Dr. Brooks has performed extensive research on multiple SCP's, including SCP-035, SCP-079, and SCP-682. He is known to be a hard worker, and will always do his best to get the job done.

    [Section Two: OOC Section]

    2.1) Why do you wish to join the Research Division?:
    I want the experience and the thrill of testing on the SCP's.

    2.2) Please list relevant skills and qualities that could assist you in becoming a Researcher:
    I believe I'm really good at RP, I love helping out the server, and I go on the SCP wiki a lot and read pages like a madman.

    2.3) In-game name:

    Nikolai Keslov
    (Security Officer)

    2.4) Your Steam ID:

    2.5) Your Steam Name:
    Happy Meal

    2.6) Do you have any experience in Serious Roleplay?:
    I have 835 hours on Garry's Mod, 400 of which were playing on RP servers.

    2.7) Will you flag down if a member of the Staff Team asks you to?:
    Of course.

    2.8) Do you know how and what a /me is? If so, explain and use an example:
    A /me is used to perform an action, such as /me runs tests on the SCP.

    2.9) Do you know what a /roll is, and how it is used with a /me? If so, explain and use an example:
    A /roll is used to counter a /me, for example if a /me is against you, you can /roll to determine the outcome of that action.

    2.10) Have you read the Research Guide?:

    2.11) Describe the five different facility codes, including when they are enacted and what you are expected to do during them:
    Code Green: Everything is normal, and I am supposed to be doing my job as normal.

    Code Yellow: A low threat SCP has breached. I may continue testing, but I must listen to any Level 3+ personnel and oblige to stopping the test.

    Code Red: Multiple SCP's or just a Keter SCP have breached containment. I should communicate with my fellow researchers and try to assist in the containment efforts. I shall await my escort from the R-Wing by security personnel.

    Code Black: All SCP's have breached. The facility cannot be saved. I will be evacuated from the site by MTF or Security Personnel, and I must leave before the detonation of an Alpha Warhead.

    2.12) What are the three main SCP classes? Describe them and give examples.
    Safe: An SCP that CAN possibly hurt humans, but they are safely contained. They can be safely tested on, and the Foundation knows all of the SCP's abilities and it is easily predictable. Containment is very easy to maintain.

    Euclid: These are SCP's that are not yet understood enough to be predictable, therefore containment is not to be totally relied on. They can be easily contained, though, so they aren't Keter.

    Keter: SCP's with this classification are incredibly hard to contain, and they typically pose a serious threat to the Foundation, or Mankind as a whole. These SCP's require extreme caution. All research on these SCP's is usually directed towards a better way to contain the SCP, or what it is capable of.

    2.13) What types of Amnestics are you permitted to use? When should you use them?
    I am permitted to use Class-A and Class-B amnestics, and I should use them on D-Class personnel if they survive a test. I will use Class-A amnestics on the majority of the subjects, but I will use Class-B amnestics when the subject either A: Has seen too much important information B: If they have a history of resisting Class-A amnestics.

    2.15) A group of CI walk into the Research Wing and point guns at you, telling you to get on the ground. What do you do?
    I will not give them any information about the Foundation, even if it costs me my life.

    2.16) Are you aware that opening SCP CC’s without proper reason will get you permanently banned from the server?
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  2. Zeener

    Zeener God Tier Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    I want a longer background
  3. CheetoBoi

    CheetoBoi Forum Rookie

    I made it longer
  4. Zeener

    Zeener God Tier Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    Add Code Black
    I want a better safe class description
  5. CheetoBoi

    CheetoBoi Forum Rookie

    Fixed it.
  6. CheetoBoi

    CheetoBoi Forum Rookie

    Hey if you could please read the changes that would be nice, thanks

    (No hate, just love)

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  7. JosephD53

    JosephD53 Active Member


    Sorry about the super duper long wait, Zeener must have accidentally forgot about the post (no hate Zeener please don't hurt me)

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