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SCP-082 monthly rules Suggestion

Discussion in 'Denied' started by The Burtard, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. The Burtard

    The Burtard "Don't Call Me Retarded" Member

    Right now 082 players have the option to play as different characters each month, this month being Captain Kirk. The rules for The king can impede on the RP/Logic for the character for the month. For example, for 082s rules it says "SCP-082 cannot leave his cell unless enraged, searching for food, or being brought out by “his loyal subjects,” as he has everything he needs inside it otherwise."
    If I choose to play as Captain Kirk, I couldn't leave my CC even if my door is open, even though Captain Kirk is more of the time with his crew on the Enterprise and would walk around inspecting and giving orders.

    What I am asking is that the rules be changed for each month, more specific rules to be exact for each character. The rules for the king won't work entirely for each character and it can cause confusion.
    If I am Kirk and there is a situation am I supposed to look at the kings rules? The characters rules a month aren't specific enough to help in those situations.
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    +HeAvY SuPpOOrT
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    082 at his core no matter his personality is a monster who wants to eat human flesh, he has no reason to breach if he is not hungry.