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Surgery and Armor

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Franken Presstein, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Franken Presstein

    Franken Presstein Admin Admin DVL ULTRA MEGA USER SCPRP Staff

    Ingame you are unable to inject people with items when they have armor on. So I suggest that we have the same thing for the Surgical kit where you cannot perform surgery when they have armor on since it would obstruct you from being able to actually perform the surgery.
  2. Harkon

    Harkon Trusted Admin Trusted Admin SCPRP Staff

    Seems reasonable
  3. Xyz

    Xyz Head Developer Head Developer Board of Directors

    Injection is blocked by armor because I wanted to prevent drug abuse, though that could probably be removed since injecting other people was instant at the time.
  4. Headless Scapegoat

    Headless Scapegoat Giant nose monster Staff Member Head Administrator SCPRP Staff Recruitment Team

    The issue is every wound is different. If I got nailed in the chest by a .308 round, you are going to need to rip off my armor and deal with the wound.

    I did accept a suggestion that said when you got shot you would have a notification where you were shot. The suggestion has not been implemented yet however.
  5. A Sp00ky MenB00za

    A Sp00ky MenB00za Ultra Tier Member

    +support makes sense
  6. SpookIntyre

    SpookIntyre Well-Known Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    Mendoza said +Support so I gotta do it too.
    Jk. Yeah it makes sense
  7. A Sp00ky MenB00za

    A Sp00ky MenB00za Ultra Tier Member

    Let's get this bread
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  8. Chubby

    Chubby smushed and smashed Member

    -Support, there are cases where you don’t need the patient to take off their armor to access a wound. Not everything requires you to rip off their Kevlar to access some bullet wound.
  9. Doctor Sp00ks

    Doctor Sp00ks Active Member

    // What do you do if you are shot in the head tho, like with a m82 when ur a heavy?

    While I feel this would be good, I just don't fully know if it's needed, though RP<Enjoyment, but I don't really know...
  10. Franken Presstein

    Franken Presstein Admin Admin DVL ULTRA MEGA USER SCPRP Staff

    I mean we currently have it where you can't inject Ketamine into someone if they have armour even though you can just inject it into their arm. So I think it would make sense having it where you wouldn't be able to perform surgery when they have armour on.
    I don't see how this would take away from Enjoyment since it takes two seconds to take off your armour.
  11. Chubby

    Chubby smushed and smashed Member

    That was to prevent drug abuse. I don't really want to follow up with that system for surgery since there's no reason why I wouldn't be able to do surgery on someone's arm if their chest is covered.
    It's just gonna be more annoying than good imo.
  12. Souls

    Souls Trusted Admin Trusted Admin SCPRP Staff

    Just remove it entirely. It doesn’t do anything besides you asking people to remove their armor so you can stick a needle in their arm. If you’re doing something with their torso then ask them to remove their vest. And like @Xyz said it was only implemented to prevent drug abuse which isn’t a problem anymore. Now it’s just annoying and some don’t listen to you and dont remove their Kevlar because they’re afk so now you can’t do proper MedRP. With it removed there won’t be problems like that.
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  13. Smokey

    Smokey Active Member

    Reasons stated above
  14. Morguen Harper

    Morguen Harper Active Member ULTRA MEGA USER

  15. Justaperson

    Justaperson Forum Rookie

    reasons stated above