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The Hermes Cabin

Chat RP Bot 6

Chat RP Bot
Chat RP Bot
*He picks one up and rotates it around in his fingers, then gives it a light squeeze to check the quality. After, he pops it in his mouth, eats it and turns back to Thomas.*

"Good job. You can stay here another day."

Rob Borealis

God Tier
Aurora enters the cabin, goes over and lays in his bed, and falls asleep
Aurora wakes up after his nice nap. He does his morning routine, and then puts on swim trunks. He takes out the spring water and takes a small cap sip, then he closes the bottle and puts it back in the bag. He leaves the cabin

Bob Knight

Expert Tier
*Tommy would get up and grab a pair of extra clothes. Next, Tommy would head to the bathroom to take a shower. After taking a shower, Tommy would dry himself off with a towel and then put on his clothes. Later, Tommy would leave the Hermes Cabin.*

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