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Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Goose, Oct 12, 2018.

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  1. Goose

    Goose Forum Rookie

    This is not only a report but an issue that needs to be addressed. I work evenings and can only got on late at night or mid afternoon. I get on and all hell is breaking loose. a d-class (see video) broke out and opened all doors. I went to close them and return because there Is not staff just a diamond vip 662-1(see vid) I'm then reprimanded my vip to stop I'm fail rp. I continue because something isn't right. I hear the d-class I now half cyborg rand 662 and using 914 claiming he's been on 4 hours and knows it all. as well as had a valid reason to escape. His claim is he "found documents in the shitter"... that was his reason... to escape.

    We need a rule that d class cant escape without 3 officers being online and rp cant continue without a minimum amount of players on. just so 1 person cant become suck a god anyone being online (not including new trainees). the steam ID's and everything you need are here.

    hopefully something comes of this to better the server.
  2. DR EVIL

    DR EVIL Epic Tier Member

    That kid guy looked like a pac3 fuck up
  3. The Gondola

    The Gondola Forum Badmin Retired Staff Forum Mod

    4.) Class Ds may not attempt to escape without a valid reason (REASONS: They were almost killed in an experiment and were not terminated, or administered amnestics. They have heard the screams from the Femur Breaker. They were clearly mistreated by Foundation (Verbal abuse is not a valid reason). They were rescued by CI)

    Your post is hard to read, you should really fix it.
  4. Wei

    Wei Expert Tier Retired Staff

  5. Domo

    Domo Expert Tier Member ULTRA MEGA USER

    Lemme just point out a couple things here.
    The 662 did multiple things he was not commanded to do
    D-Class metagamed info about Robots
    He looks to be at the final stage where you are required to kill all on sight which he did not do
    662 has a uniform on for no reason and is acting like a D-Class
    This is a real yikes
  6. Pillhook

    Pillhook Sector Admin Staff Member Sector Admin SCPRP Staff Recruitment Team

  7. Anglican

    Anglican Active Member

    I got on at the tailend of this, apparently Mal Ivory had been out for about 4 hours before. I flagged up to D-Class (Oscar Odinson), I saw that D-Block's door was open and there was barely anyone one. I said "hey, Mal, mind breaching me?"

    Mal came, at the time he was already a cyborg. Mal cuffed me and dragged me to SCP-914's chamber. Mal then had SCP-662-1 deposite a skull prop into SCP-914's input, tuned to very fine, and pressed the button. A zombie emerged and attempted to kill us, me and OP when he was flagged to D-Class. I attempted to not die by it and so did he, but OP ended up dying.

    After this, Mal killed the zombie and armed me up. I believed that he had legitimately gotten SCP-914 and SCP-662 information, so I simply played along.

    At the very end of it, Tanku slayed us all because Mal had incorrectly gained knowledge of SCP-914. Which is fine.

    However, besides the usage of SCP-914 (which Mal was just messing around with it for four hours, experimenting with it. With no prior knowledge to messing with it)

    That is the situation on my end, I also have a question about the rules. As a D-Class, can I betray other D-Class to escape or for moral reasons?
  8. Lorth Pole

    Lorth Pole Kek Tier Member

    For your question, yes.
  9. Joyous Press

    Joyous Press Trusted Admin Trusted Admin ULTRA MEGA USER SCPRP Staff

    How did 662 get a skull IC?
  10. Pillhook

    Pillhook Sector Admin Staff Member Sector Admin SCPRP Staff Recruitment Team

    Situation has been dealt with.
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