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What do u like/dislike about the Medical system


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As thread title implies I’m trying to see what people like or hate about it.

Medical system includes:
  • Blood system
  • Bleeding system
  • Medical Branches
  • Rolling
  • MedRP
  • Etc


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I hate when you have to give someone blood and they don't take off their armor.


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a shit ton of medical items, no regular blood bags, no pre made ketamine iv bags, tourniquets are god awful


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It's been said before that you don't NEED to use RNG for this shiy. If you use logic and your /mes are good then you don't even need to roll that often, if at all.
Power and Tanku have both said that you NEED to roll for stitching. Unless you're a Med Lieutenant.


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When it was first introduced, I had my reservations about it since I thought it was going to flip the entire world of MedRP upside down. I didn't like the complexity of it first being introduced since I loved the idea of just sitting back and doing a shit ton of typing. But now that things have been tested and been comfortably established with everyone, there are some upsides to having the system since it really separates us from other communities.

There can be some more medical items added that give us players a lighter load or make things easier, like the premade Ketamine IV bags and larger vials.


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We need pre-made med-kits like the Ci does but my complaints on everything else is small

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