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[Wizard 101] Valkoor

Discussion in 'Non Canon' started by Obtuse Noose, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Obtuse Noose

    Obtuse Noose Expert User Member

    Valkoor Lionheart
    [DATE OF BIRTH]: May 2, 2001
    [SEX]: Male
    [SCHOOL]: Death
    [NATIONALITY]: Avalian
    [NOTES]: "social justice warrior", doesnt like curse words, bad at being good


    [HEIGHT]: 5'7"
    [WEIGHT]: 130
    [EYE COLOR]: Green
    [HAIR COLOR]: Yellow
    [BODY BUILD]: Ectomorph
    [SKIN TONE]: Brown
    [DISTINGUISHING FEATURES]: His hats are always stuck to his head except when taking it off
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  2. Rob Borealis

    Rob Borealis Banned Banned

    It's Time to stop
  3. Drowsy

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  4. Drowsy

    Drowsy Banned Banned

    The meme is that's his actual wizard in the game