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A Guide for Playing as 263 "Cash or Ash"


God Tier
This Guide Was Made to Assist People Wanting to Play One of the Most Fun SCPs on the Server, 263!

263 is a Thomson television that plays the gameshow, 'Cash or Ash', when people go near it. The gameshow is supposed to have a charismatic aesthetic of 1950's/60's gameshows, with a man in a black and white tuxedo hosting it, along with an audience. There is no one else in the television show, as the person near you is supposed to be the 'player'. The gameshow host then asks three questions, if the player gets one wrong, cheats, or takes more than 45 seconds, they get the 'ash'. The ash punishment is basically burning the player to death. If the player answers all three questions correctly, they get the 'cash'. The cash prize should be one of the items in your inventory or something you could spawn in as a prop (money, gold, fancy food, car, etc.) You can find the rules for 263 in Section C-18 of the MOTD. That's pretty much the basics of 263, now onto the playstyle.
The Gameshow:
As 263, you should be charismatic towards the player, giving a gameshow-like vibe. You can advert or yell when the gameshow starts, but it is recommended to yell to prevent metagame. You must only communicate things relating to the game, such as an audience response, or the gameshow host announcing something about the game.
During the game, you must ask players three questions. All questions must relate to the Foundation in someway, but that doesn't restrict you from being creative with it. It is recommended the questions relate to their job, so that they should know it. I will provide a list of questions for various jobs:
- GenSec: "Who is your current captain?" "What GenSec job is assigned to protecting Level 4's within the facility?"
- SID: "What role is assigned to dealing with hazardous materials such as 035 acid or 019's within the SID?" "What SID role has heavly kevlar and an M249?"
- Provost: "What is Article 15 of the AOC?" "What are Provost's primary goal(s)?"
- D-Class: "What is the area in which you eat in D-Block?" "How many cell blocks are there?"
- MTF: "Where do the MTF reside?" "What MTF role has juggernaut armor and an M60?"
- CI: "What is the name of your current commander?" "What role uses RPG's within the CI?"
I will be adding more onto this in the future.
There are multiple different items and weapons you can give to people when they win, I will be providing a list based on best to worst for reference:
- M202 1
- Nitro Glycerine 2
- Timed C4 3
- Stevens M620 (Shotgun) 4
- Neostad 2000 5
- SVT-40 6
- M16A2 7
- Harpoon 8 (Pretty good in terms of fun, but only a one-time use)
- Frag grenade 9
- Level 5 keycard 10
Everything below is not usable due to their weight, but if you can get an RP Mod, the players might be able to use it.
- Minigun 11
- .50 HMG 12
Say you have run out of items, that's not the end of the road. You can still give people items in RP that can be spawned in as props. Such as: Money, gold, drugs (recommend an RP Mod for that), fancy food, a statue, cars, nice chairs, babies, and etc. There's a lot of potential for prizes.
That's pretty much it! I will be adding onto this more throughout the week. Feel free to make suggestions.​

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