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A Guide to being a Somewhat Decent MTF Agent


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Hello, my name is McGriffin. I have made this guide because I wanna do something real simple for the people that are in MTF and the people that wish to join the MTF one day. I can't really say "I'm the best, so I'll make a guide to being the best." This is not one of those guides. This just a simple thing to being a basic Agent and knowing a bit of information, so don't worry get angry at me for missing some parts. Have fun.

How do I get into the MTF?
To get into the MTF, you'll have to be handpicked from the Commander of the MTF. To be handpicked, you have to prove yourself by showing your knowledge, competence, and what to do in situations where nobody is there to lead you. Try to be the model person to get into MTF.

What is our Task Force?
The current Task Force on the server is known as Rho-24 "Nose Divers." Rho-24 is a scouting Task Force that are stationed within the state of Arizona that commonly works with Area-XYZ and have replaced the previous Task Force known as Delta-42. Area-XYZ and Rho-24 are two separate entities that work together commonly, so the Security in Area-XYZ will be the first responders to their own problems. However, if any big problems occur, Rho-24 will handle it after Area-XYZ's Security have failed. Not to mention, there are many different types of Task Forces that accepts different types of people.

What is an MTF Agent?
MTF Agents are usually people that have proven their time in Security and worth to be selected in MTF. Agents are usually what people would consider the basic soldier, except an MTF Agent is expected to know upmost everything. This includes leading on their own when nobody is doing it.

What do MTF do all day?
To be honest, the main thing the MTF should be doing is responding to any investigations or reports surrounding the Arizona area, or if an SCP has gone missing, Delta-42 needs to recover it. The Task Force should be spending their days planning and working to get the SCP back, but as of now, they aren't really doing that.

How much time are MTF on duty and where do they sleep?
Where MTF Agents sleep will be depending on if they are on duty or not. Each Agent works either 3-4 days a week, during these work times, they sleep at their FOB. When off duty, the Task Force members sleep in a Foundation Complex, where they can spend their time off.

What can I do as an Agent?
As an Agent, you are expected to be an independent thinker that can improvise dealing with things that come up at the time. You most likely will be in a lot of RP scenarios, and people will depend on the MTF the most, so it's up to you to get it together. As it was stated before, you are an independent thinker as an MTF Agent, so you shouldn't solely rely on your commanding officer to lead you through problems.

What should I know as an MTF Agent?
Well, you should know at least the basic stuff as an Agent. The stuff that you'll know will be very simple and pretty easy to remember, so don't worry too much. In the MTF, you'll have moments where you'll need to contact the Command Operator, responding to unknown anomalies and investigations, and knowing 24 digit codes. These things are pretty simple and if you wish to know more, contact me personally.

What are the requirements for my Agent to have?
Well, there are some simple requirements. These requirements are don't be under 5'10, don't be underweight, be physically and psychologically fit for duty, and at least some previous training in a specialization or a field that fits you for MTF. With some of these, there are some exceptions, but in the end, it's up to you to make your character who they are. There are also some OOC requirements, which can be found here.

What should I be focusing on as an MTF Agent?
You should be focusing on dealing with missing SCPs, unknown anomalies, and investigations that are reported for your Task Force to do. In some situations, you'll have where the CO is incompetent and doesn't know what to do. When these happen, you'll have to put your independent knowledge to use and use your own ways to deal with these missions. Hell, you can even gather a team of other Agents that want to do their jobs and set up yourselves. If your CO is lacking, you can communicate MTF High Command and they will most likely assist if you explain the reasonings as to why you're the one leading a squad and not your CO.

How do I get above the rank of MTF Agent?
Sometimes in the Task Force, an Agent that shows promise, leadership, etc can grow above the rank of MTF Agent and become an Alpha Agent. When a person becomes an Alpha Agent, they are expected to be the next in line to become the Commander of the Task Force if the current one ever stepped down or has been demoted. Alphas are the ones that lead the MTF when the Commander isn't available at times, but Alpha won't be just the rank that you can reach above. If you show that you're greater than those around you, you can become the Commander or maybe even something higher than that, but that's just an assumption. You'll need to try hard for that.

What are the current problems that I have to deal with as MTF?
There are a lot of problems that you'll have to deal with as an MTF. I'll list some of them, but not every. You can ask your CO about some of these problems and they can update you, but as of now, you'll be dealing with unknown anomalies and missing SCPs. The missing SCPs are SCP-101, SCP-1025, SCP-1316, and SCP-2490. For other problems like I previously stated, ask your CO for that.

What will I face in normal day life as MTF?
Your time in the Mobile Task Force, you will experience moments where your character will die a lot, go through some hard moments, etc. In my opinion, it'll depend on you to take these punches to the gut and keep going through. No matter how much these things hit you, you'll want to give up, but I say there's no success without effort. What this means is "Don't be a coward."

How do I keep the image of the "Best of the Best?"
To be honest, you can't really keep the image of the best of the best, but you can make an attempt. My suggestion is to stay serious at all times. When I say this, this means no OOC stupidness or any of that type of behavior. Yeah, maybe you'll experience some times where you want to release some of your nature, but don't do it as MTF. Uphold the image that you no longer have.

The common ranks of the MTF
MTF Agent - The people that make up of the Task Force. Agents are people that have been selected and recruited into the MTF. Agents can usually be Seniors or newly recruited people. With this, Agents will probably be the responders to an emergency situation and you're most likely to encounter them.
MTF Alpha Agent - MTF Alpha Agents are those in charge of leading the regular Agents when the Commander isn't available or they're usually squad leaders. Alpha Agents are assumed to be who's next in Command if the current Commander has died or lost the position. Alphas are level 4s and should be one of the best amongst the best of the best.
MTF Commander - The leader of the Task Force. With MTF Commander, they must decide on all operations and missions that the Task Force should handle. They're the main ones making the decisions and will usually be commanding their Agents on the front lines and telling them what to do. MTF Commanders are supposed to be the most professional amongst the MTF and should represent what it means to be the best.
Other Ranks - There are other ranks in the MTF, which relates to MTF High Command or the MTF Lieutenant. Unfortunately, I do not know enough about these ranks to give you more details. If the time comes where you need to know, you may ask Zellig(@The Gondola)

What are the rules of MTF?
Well, there are quite a few rules in the MTF. We have the MOTD ones that you can follow if you wish to be a careful Agent or you can read the one listed in this thread right here. These rules may be outdated or up to date, depending on if the current Commander at that time wishes to enforce it. There might not be any rules besides using common sense, but that's up for you to decide. I recommend following some sort of document that can lead you through.

Geography of the Desert(On the server.)
Once you're an MTF Agent or wish to learn some stuff before you decide to join the MTF, you'll need to know some parts of the desert. I will list names and pictures of certain parts of the desert, so that you can know what areas are at and what's happening at the time. It'll be just one picture.
Use this picture to your benefit.

Extra Things to Know.
1. You must always be willing to improve on skills that you lack.
2. Understand that you'll eventually have to get involved in a ChatRP and should prepare for it.
3. You will be called upon to deal with situations and put effort into dealing with the situations.
4. You will have to be active and easy to contact.
5. You must act as if you were the best of the best and prove that you are.
6. You will be held responsible for failures that have been caused because of you and the person in charge of you.
7. Your job won't always be easy. You'll experience difficult times, but always put effort in your goals.
8. You are not here to destroy the CI. You are here to defend Area-XYZ, find and contain missing SCPs, and deal with unknown anomalies or anything in the Arizona area.
9. You will leave your comfort zone.
10. Common sense can get you very far, so use it to the best of your ability.

Wrap Up
These are just things from my words and POV that is meant to guide some people that are new or are willing to join the MTF be ready for what's to come. Some of these things may be useful, some may be rubbish, and the others may be something else. In the end, these are just words that nobody has to take into consideration or they can. Either way, it's up to the person that's willing to take the initiative to do what it takes. Please give your feedback in the comments, as I am not an all knowing guy. If something's wrong, notify me.


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Does the sitting Commander have a small meeting with their Alpha's discussing potential picks for MTF every so often?
Do they most(ly) frequently look at SID and SOC and occasionally consider other positions?


Boom. Sector Admin
Staff member
Sector Admin
Recruitment Team
Does the sitting Commander have a small meeting with their Alpha's discussing potential picks for MTF every so often?
Do they most(ly) frequently look at SID and SOC and occasionally consider other positions?
1. Sometimes. Half of the time the Commander just picks people on his own judgement and other times, they might go through with their Alphas. You'll have to ask the current MTF Commander: @Meagher and see what he tells you.
2. They look at people that catch their eye. These are mainly ranks that are Senior Officer and above. It's rare to pick from a Senior Officer, as the people in this job aren't usually that good. To summarize, they pick from almost any rank if the person proves to be fit for MTF.


Expert Tier
Does the sitting Commander have a small meeting with their Alpha's discussing potential picks for MTF every so often?
Do they most(ly) frequently look at SID and SOC and occasionally consider other positions?
When I recommended people for MTF I always looked at people who took lead or can take lead in situations and were efficient in their job and don't make themselves look like idiots in TS or forums.


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It's decent. Vague at certain parts, but it serves most of its purpose.

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