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A guide to SCP-106


Retired Staff
Greetings to those reading. I decided to re-write my SCP-106 guide to give more information, and general detail in it. This new guide will give the baseline advice for helping those that wish to RP as SCP-106, and become something truly scary, and also give some general “umph” to pocket dimension roleplay.

Section 1: Introduction
So, what is SCP-106? SCP-106 is an elderly humanoid in an advanced stage of decomposition, with an ability to walk through walls, bring people into its pocket dimension, and a touch that rots and decay’s everything it touches. That’s mostly the general description of SCP-106. But, what does all of this mean? Well, this will be explained in further detail in the upcoming sections. Another thing to note is SCP-106’s nature. It is far from benevolent in any way. SCP-106 is sadistic and cruel, and often loves causing pain, suffering, and fear.

Section 2: SWEP Usage
SCP-106 spawns with two, fully custom coded SWEPs for the server. One being “SCP-106” and the other being “SCP-106 Hands” for the sake of simplicity, “SCP-106” will be called S1, and “SCP-106 Hands” Will be called S2. With S1, you are able to phase through somewhat thick walls, doors, and enter your pocket dimension. S2 allows you to attack, and bring people to your pocket dimension.
  • S1’s primary action of phasing through walls and doors will be your most used function. As it allows you to get around the facility, and go past obstacles/props. In order to phase through doors, you must look at roughly their center and be close to them. Be noted that this will make a decal of your corrosive liquid, meaning people will know when your breached. Now, walls and props are a different story. They both have the same limit. For context of phasing through walls in a straight line, use the picture below. The prop in question is a 4x4x4 plastic cube. You can spawn this in single player to get a basic idea. Doing horizontal is much shorter, around the limit of a 2x2x2 plastic cube. A side note, you cannot enter your PD via props, it must be through a wall.
  • S2’s primary action is of course, an attack. It does around 50-75 damage a hit, meaning it can two shot any human player. It is advised only to use this to kill sparingly, or to kill your victim’s after your done torturing them inside of your pocket dimension. Right click is a different story. Right clicking on someone within range with S2 out will bring them to the pocket dimension. They will slowly sink into the floor with a corrosive 106 decal appearing under them. They will then be teleported to your pocket dimension. (More on that later.)
Section 3: Acting
So, here's the big question? How should you act as SCP-106? Whilst I won’t give you a strict set of rules that you have to follow, I will however give suggestions.
  • Be cruel. Show little to no mercy, toy with people in any way you deem fit.
  • Act like a predator that hunts in the darkness. Holding out S1 can assist in this feeling as you casually walk towards someone to drag them to a painful death.
  • “Talking”, whilst SCP-106 cannot talk, he can laugh, along with other things. The best reaction from people is usually doing a deep, low growling rumble with some anger behind it, to truly show those around you that you laugh at their attempts to halt you.
  • Taking the quickest path to someone. Usually When your chasing someone they may enter a room/cut a corner. In this case, if you know the map well, and also the limits of S1, you can catch up to said person and corner them.
  • Act strange. Always do something unexpected that the foundation wouldn’t think that you’d do. Such as heading to D-Block, or going back to your CC, etc. Be unpredictable.
  • Act like a sadist, enjoy and revel in a person’s pain and terror.
Section 4: Roleplay
So, onto the real chunk of all of this. The roleplay revolving around SCP-106. Most of your roleplay will take place/revolve around your pocket dimension. There you can control everything inside of it and bend it to your will. It is ICly infinite, meaning someone can get trapped there and never escape. The best advice I can give for pocket dimension RP, is to have a bind to initiate the roleplay. Whether it be you having the walls lash out and bind the person, or having their legs stop working, it's all up to you and your taste. You can practically do anything that is within the rules of the server, which gives a lot of creative freedom. But, you can also roleplay outside of your pocket dimension, such as attempting to grab a cornered SO, or staring at an SCP such as 049, or 912. You can even do a small bit of combat RP, but of course, you’d be at a disadvantage for physical attacks, but doesn’t mean you trying to grab them can’t lead to some harm such as destroying part of their uniform, or causing them to receive muscle damage/loose a part of a limb. You can even roleplay yourself phasing through a wall with binds. Make people immersed in the world around them. Your the monster and terror in the dark that everyone came to see and roleplay with, don’t stray from what people know as SCP-106. Some other advice I can give relates to laughing. No, not your normal laugh, a proper SCP-106 laugh. Which can be achieved by lowering your voice, and giving a growl in the back of your throat, if you can make it sound like a laugh, then you’ve got yourself a SCP-106 laugh.

Section 5: Conclusion
All in all, SCP-106 can be something quite enjoyable to roleplay as, and against. It can bring terror, and generally make people feel terrified of the dark and other things. So go my brothers/sisters of the night, and make people fear SCP-106.
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Another good tool in his arsenal is his corrosive touch like drawing on people and even if you want to you can dissect them or break every bone in their body and keep them alive to watch, as in the pocket dimension you are God you can do anything you please to them.


Retired Staff
Another good tool in his arsenal is his corrosive touch like drawing on people and even if you want to you can dissect them or break every bone in their body and keep them alive to watch, as in the pocket dimension you are God you can do anything you please to them.
Yeah. I may add more to the guide, since when I wrote this, it was basically 12:00 in the morning.

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