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All of the research, sorted by SCP (with links!)


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049 interview and tool test
049 Testing
049-2 Blood Tests
049/-049-2 Test.
049 interview and blood extraction.
049 Trust
SCP-049 General behaviour and Background interview
SCP-049 Interview
0-49 test
SCP-426 / SCP 049 / SCP 049-2 Crosstest | Unbread
2292 and 049-1
Testing/Interview with 049
SCP-049 "cure" on live subject
049-2 and 049 test
"Mild Conversation" Test - 5
SCP-049 "Drawing Test"
Dr. Robinson's 049 and 1048 cross test
SCP-049 Interview
SCP-1036 and SCP-049-2 Test
SCP-1036 and 049 Cross Test Report
SCP-049 Pestilence Test (Part 1)
Scp-049 Interview
049 Interview
SCP-049 Interview
049 Interview
SCP-049 Interactions Log
SCP-049 Interview Log
SCP-049 Curing Capabilties Test
SCP-049 Interview
049 Blood Test
049 Interview
Interview with SCP 049
Support to SCP 049
SCP 049 Interview and Test
SCP 049 Interview
SCP-049 Interview/blood sample
Dr. Zed's SCP-049 Test
SCP-049 Bacteriophage Test, Trial 2
The Effect Of Yersinia pestis Killing Bacteriophages on SCP-049's Secondary Effect
Senseless Speculation on Ceramic Beaks
SCP-049 Interview Addendum A-1
SCP-049 Interview-A-Richtor-Bouloax-Adams-5/1/2018
SCP-049 Historical Images Test
049 Modern Items
049 Cognition Test
049 Medical Interview/Experiment
SCP-049 Zombie Test
049 Disability Test
SCP-049 Literature Preferences (inspired by 397 lit. test)
SCP-049 Interaction Log - dated 3/31/18
SCP-049 Well Being Interview
SCP-049 Psychological Evaluation (TERMINATED EARLY)
049-2 Blood analysis
049 Interview
SCP-049 Interview by Dr. Hasse
049 Interview
049 Interview log
SCP-049 Interview - Dr. Hasse
SCP-2292-2 , SCP-049-2 blood samples comparesment.
SCP-049 "Cure" Test
049 and 513 Cross Test
Scp 049 Interview
SCP-049 Drawing Test
SCP-049-2 Remote Paralyzation Test
SCP-049-2 Blood Analysis (Part 2)
SCP-049-2 Blood Analysis
049 Extensive research - Measles Test
049 Death Touch Immunity
Project Decrypt
294 "Cup of Grey Death" Test
SCP-294 and SCP-131-A and -B Emotional State Crosstest
294 "Cup of MUD" Investigation
SCP 294 injection test Rage/Calm
SCP-513/SCP-294 Crosstest
SCP-294 Cup of truth test
SCP-294 Metalics
294 basic limits and cups
294 Cup of truth resistance test
SCP-294 Estus and regeneration test
SCP 426 and Cup of truth cross test "A Contradiction"
SCP-662-1 and SCP-294 "Happy Death"
SCP-294 "Love & Hate Mixture Test"
SCP-294 Testing Log
SCP-294 "Emotion Cups" Test
294 Mixture
SCP-294 Experiment Log
SCP-294/SCP-513 Crosstest
294 Weather Cups Test
SCP-294 Gases Test
294 Colour Cups Test
294 Emotion Cups Test
SCP 294 Output Test
Cup of Disease Test
096 Infection Overdose and Reaction
Scp-294 Test
096 Blood and Cup of Cure/Estus Examination
SCP-294 Cup of Rage + SCP-999 Cross test / Misc Cups
SCP-294 Cup of Hate #2 and Cup of Rage
294 Disease & Cure Test
397 and 294 Test
SCP 2006-SCP294 cross-test.
SCP-294 Cup of Hate and Mud / Miscellaneous cups
Cup of life test (SCP-294)
Cup of French
SCP-294 Test
SCP-294 Output
SCP-294 Cup of Pain
294 Cup of Death Test
SCP-294's Drink Effects When Injected - Dr. Zed
294 Cup of Blood Examination
SCP-294 Cup of Sadness Testing Log
294 Cup of Cure
What not to dispense from SCP-294
SCP-294 Liquids Test.
SCP-294 "Cup of Void" Experiment #2
SCP-294 Cup of Void Autopsy
SCP-294 "Cup of Regeneration Capabilities"
SCP-294 Liquid Catalogue #3
SCP-294 Liquid Catalogue #2
SCP-294 "Cup of Disease" Possibility Test
049 Death Touch Immunity
SCP-294 Liquid Catalogue #1
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// Definitly a good thread. Will help with researchers who think of what to test.


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Community Manager
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// I think the 106/682 cross test is canon. Though it's in the archive, I'll dig around and see what can be done with stuff like that.


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Trusted Admin
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You have 662 yet not 397, did you not find any non-canon or canon 397 tests?


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Uh, what?
I forgot to put these down.
Just from a quick glance I can 100% tell you are missing stuff considering my own tests aren't there


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Just from a quick glance I can 100% tell you are missing stuff considering my own tests aren't there
I'll go back through and double check everything, the accepted cannon and not accepted cannon sections are the accepted sections and just the normal research logs, though I was informed that actually that doesn't really mean anything (according to Defron) so I may just merge the two. I only included logs with actual SCP numbers in the name, but I'll go through and look again.


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Alright, it took a hell of a lot longer than I expected but I think I got everything (except denied, obviously), and just slapped it all in one condensed thread, the misc are things where it was unclear what scp was involved or when people were being intentionally vague just to fuck with whoever wanted to sort the files later on @BASH. Anyway, lmk if I missed anything.
God working at a help desk is boring

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