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Area Director Grey


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< Proper Clearance Required To Proceed >

< Validating. . . >

< Validation Complete >

Damian Grey as an Officer for the Tactical Firearms Unit for the MOD

Damian Grey
[DOB]: 15/09/80
[Sex]: Male
[Race]: Caucasian
[Nationality]: British
[Place of birth]: London, England
[Marital status]: Widowed
[Occupation]: Area Director
[Previous occupation]: Area Manager, Head Marshal, Provost Marshal, SID Lieutenant, MOD TFU
[Affiliation]: The Foundation
[Languages]: English
[Relatives]: Father, Mother, and Sister
[Trophies]: A chain holding two rings, one with the inscription "DG" and the other with the inscription "HG". He wears it around his neck to keep with him at all times.
[Notes]: Very confident in what he does but still respects authority and will back down when asked.
Promoted from Area Manager to Area Director on 5/1/19.
Conducted a successful inaugurartion on the 5/4/19

[Physical Information]

[Weight]: 185 pounds
[Eye colour]: Hazel
[Hair colour]: Brown
[Body build]: Mesomorph
[Skin tone]: White
[Blood type]: O+
[Distinguishing features]: None
[Physical disabilties] None

[Mental Information]

[Mental disabilities]:
[Addictions]: None
[Sexual orientation]: Bisexual
[Likes]: Effectiveness, kinship, respecting authority, maturity
[Dislikes]: Cowards, immaturity, stupidity, liars, backstabbers



: A bothersome and intrusive lot, constantly trying to raid to achieve what they can't have. Killed many of my brothers and sisters in battle.

SCP-035: The most annoying SCP the Foundation has. Needs to be cleaned and dealt with all the time and represents a major threat to humanity. Has killed many people in its attempt to escape.


While they may be cute and small, they are a real pain in the ass.

Dr. Wood: Makes SCP-2300 even more of a pain in the ass.


MRU Sherman:
I’ve seen him around a lot, doing his best to assist people when he can.

MTF: While I didn’t have an opinion on then before, I do now. I’ve seen how the MTF work together and fight together and it’s really a sight to behold. I’m glad they protect the facility like they do.

GenSec: Most of them are inefficient idiots, officers who don't take their jobs seriously and mess up a lot. There are some good and notable ones however. and I respect the branch a lot more.

Research Divison: Mostly useless. Will conduct stupid and risky tests that leave a few deaths in its wake every time. There are some researchers that aren't too bad, however. LT Blair was killed by these fucks. Rest assured I will be treating every researcher with extreme caution before they carry on to fuck up more lives.
My opinion on the research branch has improved. Under its current leadership, the rules and regulations on it are definitely tougher than they used to be, meaning researchers don't just fuck around. I won't forgive them for killing Blair however.

Norman Bronkles: Kept the foundation alive and stable, which gives him my respect. Didn’t do much otherwise nor gave guidance to those meant to replace him however.


ASG Steph:
Not too chatty and does his job well. I like that.

ASG Kane: Offers to help me a lot and doesn't say much. I like that.

MRU Pine: Haven't talked to this man a lot, but he was very pleasant when we did.

Marshal Santana: Monroys replacement. Does a good job so far but I'm not sure if they are up to the same standard Monroy was.
He's shown himself to be a great replacement for Monroy. He has worked hard and trains harder. Good man.
Marshal Hunt: Again, another Marshal I chose. He performed well as a Provost and continues to do now.

Assistant Bark: This one confuses me. I was under the impression that the Research assistants primary directive was to help conduct tests. However, she just runs around the entire facility, giving people coffee. Nice coffee though.

Area XYZ: This place has been without solid and stable leadership for a long time. No more.


The police of the foundation. Can't help but respect those who are willing to catch and punish those who think they are above the rules.
Recently accepted me into their ranks. I hope I can give them the help they need.
I have become the leader of this branch now. Has given me time to appreciate all of the members of Provost. I hope I do as good of a job as Rashford did.
I think I did a good job.

Head Marshal Provost Malenkov: Like him so far. He allowed me to transfer from SID to Provost, even trusting me enough to remain as a SOC member within his branch. I hope I make him proud.
Resigned from their position back down to an MP. good luck to him.

Area Manager Rashford: The previous Head Marshal. I only have respect for this man. He's made Provost a great and respectable branch again. He's become a great friend and I trust him with my life. Has chosen me to replace him - I hope I make him proud.

SID: I trust all of the SID They risk their lives more than anyone else in the foundation dealing with dangerous SCPs day in and out. Trained to an impeccable standard, I would happily die beside my SID brothers knowing that they'd kill whatever killed me.

Captain Security Chief Evan: A good Captain. I've come across him a lot and we have a nice chat every time. Incredibly down to earth, he likes to make sure everyone's feeling good which is great.
Recently promoted to Security Chief. Seem's he's going for the Iron Fist approach. Can't blame him, the Foundation needs more discipline in my opinion.

Head Marshal Lannister: I’ve met him a few times around the facility. Seems to have a levelled head but don’t know much else about him.
After talking to him a bit more and seeing his growing performance, I offered him a spot as a Marshal. While he initially refused, he accepted my offer. I don't know if it was because of a problem with SID or if he just started liking my branch more but god bless. I appreciate the help.
Was promoted transferred from Provost Marshal to General Security Captain. He deserved the promotion but he has returned to Provost as a Head Marshal instead.

SID Lieutenant Heavy Chelsea: A professional and effective leader. Helped train me and also brings the order needed for the SID. Is great with making hard decisions that benefit the SID, even if it means demoting someone they once trusted.
Paynes only LT after I left. Hope he doesn't think I left him and Payne in the dirt for selfish reasons.
Demoted to recruit and worked back up to Heavy? I like him but I don't know what he's doing.

SID Captain Security Chief Area Manager Joseph: The first one alongside Payne who saw my potential. A great leader and a great SID, he is my inspiration.
Promoted to Security Chief. Good to know the foundation will be in the hands of a past SID.
Recently promoted again to Manager. A pity since he was a great Chief but I guess he got burnt out on it, which I can't blame him for. I hope he likes his new position

ASG Orchard: He does his job well and keeps up with me better than the rest.

ASG Benedict: On the ball I’d say. He’s also English, that’s always a benefit.

Area Manager Walker: Previous SID Captain, sent in to replace the last Captain that died. I don’t think I ever had the time to meet his predecessor. Promoted to Area Manager following my promotion to Director. Not surprised he wanted to leave SID. We get on very well, working and fighting together when needed and he likes to come to my office to chat.

Head Researcher Yates: Despite being ordered to detain him, I respect this man so much. He's brought a much welcome change to the research division, with his tough as nails but polite attitude. I hope he didn't take me arresting him personally.
He’s done a great job so far and I hope he continues to do so.
We have since chatted and he tells me he never blamed me for detaining him. I hope we chat more, it’s sometimes lonely being the Director.

My family
: I fight and work for the foundation to keep mine and other peoples families safe.

Helen Grey: My wife who died from cervical cancer. I carry you with me every day.

//to be added

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