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Area Manager Joseph

Rakghoul Infected Lawner

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Recruitment Team

[NAME]: Dari Joseph
[DATE OF BIRTH]: December 12th, 1985
[SEX]: Male
[AFFILIATION]: Foundation
[LANGUAGES]: English
[RELATIVES]: Mother, Father
[TROPHIES]: Thulmann Award


[HEIGHT]: 6'0
[WEIGHT]: 172 lbs
[EYE COLOR]: Brown
[BODY BUILD]: Mesomorph
[SKIN TONE]: White



[LIKES]: Sprite, olive garden, sims, organization, awards, Crossbow,
[DISLIKES]: People cheating, Coke, Noisy people, Wheel chairs, Court martial, many of the Vault anomalies, the Void



Wheelchair anomaly- The moment I heard about the d class rolling over people, making them to explode their limbs made me laugh at first. But later when I saw one of my specs exploded to bits from the wheel chair made me realize how much scary this could be. Imagining this anomaly rolling at you at a high speed gives me the shivers.
Havent seen this shit for awhile, which is fine by me.

SCP 035- God damn, this can produce so much acid that there is a whole lake in that bucket anomaly.

The rank of CPT- This will be a burden to me, what I mess up is on my hands. What I do wrong is on my hands. I have to make sure I do things right.
It just keeps getting worse.
By the gods, I’ve managed to survive this hell hole as Captain.

Senior Researcher Weaver- Handed him my crossbow for some testing, he better not fucking lose it, cause I seriously want to use it on CI.
That idiot caused the chaos on June 8th. The Void comes back again, due to him. I’m not sure how stupid must you be to let that breach.

He's dead, thankfully.


CI- Can I just do my god damn trainings? Everytime I do one, I hear you guys coming along.
It gets so boring in the facility, that I feel like I want them to raid so I can shoot something.

Provost MRU Sherman- I often find him in HCZ or even in LHCZ sometimes, trying to involve himself with my job. Its nice of him to offer it, but it has rather become a nuisance recently.
Gone, fine by me. I like him being gone.


MRU Pine- Barely seen him besides wasting my time as Chief during that court martial. I’ll never get over that. It’s been months though, so time does it’s effect.
Heard he's making a comeback. Good for him I guess.

208- Said that the black hole should be white instead. I wonder what wack stuff 208 did while he was gone.

Head Marshal Lannister- Wasn’t he a SID LT? Could have sworn he was. Well regardless, he took over the role of head marshal and I haven’t heard anything bad from him, so I guess he’s fine.

SID Spec Chan- Don't know him, heard he can be a bit foolish at times.

Captain Mcintyre- Not gonna lie, I haven't seen him at all. I heard from some of my SID that he is pretty mean, but who knows till you meet him.
Gone and demoted.

SSO Michalski- Don't really know him much, how long was he a SSO?

Provost ??? Santino- An interesting fellow, I wonder what caused his decisions to come here.
He's hopping around in the branches. Saw him became a SID supervisor, which made me feel pity for those that were below him in terms of ranks.

Provost Kane- Yeah...He exists

BCU Keith- My little boy has grown up so much. He ranked up to supervisor under just a week after a trained him. I didn't even know he was a heavy after a few days.
He started to become less active, I guess he prefers not being SID anymore.

SID BCU Fletcher- A good candidate for SID Heavy. Not only he has been a BCU for quite awhile, he has shown he isn't retarded with cleanings. Good enough for heavy. When there are more BCUs, I'll promote this man.
Another one disappeared.

The rank of CPT- While its a burden, I have total control of the SID branch. Hopefully I can turn it around, and make it a more active branch.
I have done what I could, now I move on.
God please help me.
Supervisor Fubar- A sold supervisor, though I hope to see him more often. Heard he did well with that ghost anomaly with the vault. If continues to do good, who knows? He could be a good LT.
While I don't see him too much, he has proved to be a valuable asset. His superb incident reports and great ideas during dire situations shows his creative ideas beyond other Supervisors.

Heard he left for some MTF stuff. He's probably gonna die.

Director Power- He needed someone to replace the previous CPT and picked me. I'm taking this as a compliment of how good of a LT I was. Wonder what would happen if Kane or Sherman got CPT.
Congrats to him, he’s the director of this place.
Gone now, retired? I don't know.

Engineer Leon- Thank god this engineer is around. If he wasn't here, our cc checkups will be heavily delayed.
I don't see him anymore. It worries me.

SID BCU Bills- I haven't realized how much use he and Fletcher was when it came to the cleanings. Most of the time, he is ready to do his duty.
I hope he died bravely to fight 019

SID BCU Alonso- Used a glass spatula while cleaning 035's acid, not sure why or how. She is pretty much the most active heavy though, which I respect.
A quiet yet thoughtful heavy, I hope she comes back.

SID LT Harper- Good man, always there to help out with SCPs. I see him as the SID Heavy role model when its comes to handling with SCPs. Now as a supervisor, he often does a grand job out there. I feel I can trust him more than one of my LTs, which surprises me.

SID Supervisor Kart- I had my eye for awhile, I knew he would get to Supervisor when I was just a LT. Of course, that happened pretty quickly. Now he is a proud supervisor, dishing out trainings and helping out the branch.\

SID BCU Cornil- Eh pretty good when it comes to dealing with SIDs, and shown to be A-Okay. I like to see him become more involved with other situations like tests and such.

SID LT Chelsea- He may not be as loud as other SID, but has been a brave heavy. He also shown to be able to handle the role of a supervisor. He can fit in well for the role of supervisor...
Well I was right in the end, let’s see what else he can do.

Capable of having more brains than other SID, I'm comfortable with him holding my 3rd LT slot. I hope he brings improvement to the branch.

SID Heavy Takahashi- Another heavy that I enjoy hanging out with. He likes my jokes which is good enough for me!
Swallowed by the empty void, hope it wasn't painful.

Would you look at that, he’s a QM! It was fun being office buddies.

???? Wheztel- Cool guy, like him. He's calm, thoughtful, looks like he knows what he is doing. I wonder what he would do for the facility.
Him becoming chief will have me missing Power. I hope he brings greatness to the facility.
Had to replace, wonder why.

Supervisor Bowman- He's good for being a supervisor, just reminds me of Sherman though. Speaking of Sherman, where is he?

Agent Schulze- Reminds me of Harper, quiet and peaceful. I do miss Harper, but anyway, she shows to have brains compared to other heavies. I see her doing great, but I want to see more to happen from her. A new LT? Prehaps, but we'll see...
Big boy now, being MTF and all that. Get to see her at choke.
Don't see her as much as I thought I would.

Quartermaster Winters- A quiet yet competent captain for GenSec, glad he will be handling those dumb officers in LCZ. He also helps out with terminating with Able, which is nice of him.

Captain Carson- Another captain I enjoy working with. He speaks his mind out (with respect) and strives for positive changes in GenSec. He’a perhaps one of those captains you would always want to have.
Gone, sadly.

ASG Xander- Who?
That guy is the definition of a REAL ASG. He bravely shoves a bunch of frozen food and eats it- and doesn't get sick. That mad man. The poor guy forgets every couple of minutes though, but that doesn't stop his loyalty.

Chief Evan- Captain of GenSec branch. He can handle those retards there at GenSec.
My replacement with Chief, a fine man I think that would do well.

He did alright for Chief.

??? October- Last I saw him, he was guarded by 4 very armed people. Seemed like he got a new job around here. It was nice seeing him on his visit.
I miss October.

Provost Welsh- Always yells “PROTECT THE CHIEF”, reminds me of an ASG but I don’t mind.

MTF Alpha Moreland- One of the Alphas that actually decided not to be silent and actually talk. He’s working hard with discussing with Dr. Kronislava on keeping him happy. At least from what I see, he’s putting in more effort than other MTF.
Poor sap is dead.

LT Anders- Go to man if I wanted to party, love to hang around with him.

Warden Anthony- Sent to replace Kiri. I heard talk he wanted some sort of armory. I hope he sends me an email about it, since I’m curious.
MIA, was gonna get rid of him anyway.
Captain Denzel- A man with a great personality. Thankful he took the position of Captain when no other LT wanted to. Since he disappeared, I had to take charge of SID. Oh boy...

Supervisor Kane- This guy has been on a train ride, was a LT, then demoted then promoted. I hope he can keep the position this time. Either way, guy is a bit quiet now after being recently re-promoted to LT. Since I got CPT, he is like my right hand man, helping me out with everything. If it weren't for him, I would be all over the place. Resigned from LT, I'll miss that man.
He’s back once more, glad to see him.
He comes and goes, but now he has resigned. He has done well.

SID LT Sherman- He's finally becoming some use after all. Along with Chelsea, both of them assisting me well and having good suggestions to help improve the branch. Too bad he doesn't want the CPT spot.
He's left rotting in that dumb fucking vault. When will research branch actually help him?

SID CPT Payne- A replacement for Harper, not much to say besides he does his job well- alot like Harper.
A man suitable for the job to CPT, I just hope he will speak out more.

A man's death within the foundation can be honorable, no matter the rank. The time they spent being devoted to this facility here in order to help insure peace is admirable.
That's what Payne helped to do- He helped took the spot when no one else wanted to, or that I see fit. He was the type of man that was able to help with your problems, even if it meant to sacrifice a little part of him. He's the guy that you know that he'll be, perhaps your best friend. Normally, death of people that I acknowledge is truly saddening. To lose a best friend though, I mourn for his/her loss for some time. I was shaken to find the suicide note left by Payne, and the actions that I hear occur just makes me grieve harder. The log showed his state- stressed and filled with anxiety to the point of reaching a bursting point. I can see why, with these 914 tests happening, SCP breaches and handling SID on top of that, can be a lot for a man and what pushed him to his death. Though, with times like these, we must continue to push and work with our greatest efforts, so that our effort in those that have passed away will not be in vain. When we lose a special member, we can mourn, but must continue to push. I hope the afterlife greets you well Payne, rest in peace...

Manager Rashford- A fine provosts, an example of how others should act. Prehaps a fine replacement for Head Marshal if the current one has to resign.
A predicament that came true, though slightly altered than expected. He's a fine man, a close friend to me. He does his work better than previous Head Marshals- Something I can respect. He's devotion to helping the Provost Branch shows a lot of his capabilities, and he'll continue to strive doing better.
A Manager now! Congrats to him.
We work too well together, I see him all around the area, pitching in to help. It's a good thing he is a Manager.

??? Bronkles- An actual interesting Director! Helped made 1048-A for some research, but research for what? Either way, instead of other Directors, who scramble from raids, he embraces it and charges head first-Without any armor! Now that's my ideal type of a Director.
He's gone, not sure where.

Head Marshal Director Grey- I thought he would be a normal BCU, but he stands out. Another good option for heavy. The winks he gives me creeps me out though, I hope its just sarcasm.
The man became a HM now, perhaps he'll be as good as Rashford.
A shocking surprise to find him as the Director of the facility, such a plot twist. He's leading efforts to have area management to actually work on the Area, much more than previous directors in a long while. I find it odd that within a few months, he was once a Marshal, but later become my boss as time goes by.

Mother and Father

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