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1. In-game name: SSO Benedict Lee, D+ Simon Mills

2. Teamspeak name: Bazongo

3. Steam name and ID: Pink Floyd is cool. STEAM_1:1:239306460

4. What Concordia server(s) do you play on?: SCP-RP

5. Tell us about yourself (150 Words Minimum): My name is Ben and I live in the midwest. I do some sports and spend a lot of time on my Xbox/PC. I like to hang out with friends, write a little bit, and browse the internet. I attend high school too. Other than that, I usually am just hanging around or sometimes working. I have known about the SCP website for a while, and until about last year I really started to get interested in it. And so, one day at like 1 PM during the summer of 2017, I joined in to the Serious SCP-RP server just to check it out. And I got hooked… and so, after months and months of off and on playing, I managed to gain a lot of hours on the game, probably due to the fact that I usually play late at night and usually meet a lot of cool people at late hours. I sometimes lurk in TS, but not much. And I am mostly active on the forums.

6. Why do you want to be a member of Concordia?: Because I have been with the community for a while now and hey, why not?

7. Who referred you (optional)?: Nobody.

8. Approximate play time on Concordia game servers: 250 hoursish

9. What came first, Ranch or Cool Ranch?: c o o l r a n c h
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