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Cabin of Hebe


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The Cabin of Hebe looks to be one story on the outside, but is actually two stories as well as being modular. The outside has carvings of Hebe serving and bathing in the fountain of youth. It is made of pearly white marble with green accents. Lettuce and spring ivy are seen hanging from the cabin's porch as well as growing around it, the lettuce is known to make someone feel refreshed. Inside is a fountain which upon washing a body part in or drinking from a person would feel very rejuvenated. A statues of Hebe is on top of this fountain bending downwards as she serves a never ending wine cup of Nectar, and a plate full of Ambrosia squares that gets refilled regularly. The inside is decorated with furniture that has green accents and resting in them is extremely relaxing, as well as the beds.


Children of Hebe

Rozvelt - Head Counselor (Adopted)


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Hebe appears outside of the bathroom waiting on him. She'd teleport some pajamas inside for him to wear. They'd be sitting on the counter of the sink.

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